Who let, you let this feeling die when all I did was try.

The ever-lovely Lindsey is at a Bayside concert tonight in Minneapolis! What a lucky girl~ She really doesn’t mind traveling to go see bands play. Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. They’re playing in Pomona and West Hollywood on Oct 22nd and 23rd, respectively, but that’s Wednesday and Thursday in two weeks. I have class everyday and I can’t afford to miss a single day. And in fact I’m already missing a day of school next week Friday. *sigh*

Oh to be free and attend concerts to my heart’s content.

Anyway, next weekend I’m going to Vegas (oh, again you say?)… Nena is finally getting married! I can’t exactly remember where the wedding will be or what hotel we’re staying at because (ugh!) my invitation went to my mom’s house – yeah, as if I live there? And I didn’t even know about it until recently and they were asking me if I was going to go and I was like, “Whaaat…?” all clueless-like. Yeah, ‘cus my mother didn’t even tell me. Geez.

Rony and I are getting along pretty well these days. Good stuff.

Now I’m just having problems with another friend. Ugh I swear to fuckin’ god all she does is either shit-talk people or talk about her really annoying drama. She owed me money for the *longest* time and finally I reminded her (because I’m a poor college student and I need my fucking money back asdf) and so I go upstairs to her apartment and the damn moment I walk in I can’t get a word in because she’s a non-stop shit-talking chatterbox. She shit talks David and Hailey behind their back. I can’t stand it!!! For sure it makes me wonder wtf she says about me! And I DEFEND both Hailey and David because they’re not present when she does her shit-talking, and I tell her straight out that’s what I’m doing for that very reason. Seriously, I don’t give a fuck if the guy you were sleeping with over the summer got another girlfriend without telling you because you didn’t even like him. ASDklhfalsSLFsdkfahsfJKSFKjsfsdf5458s4dfasdfjsadfh. That is all on the topic. (:

I am calm.

So I just listened to Bayside’s first three albums and fell in love all over again. Now I’m listening to their newest and fourth album and I’m a little “hmmm…” right now. Maybe it’s because I don’t know the lyrics or anything but they have strayed so far from the kind of music they used to make it’s a little annoying ngl. Then again I didn’t like The Walking Wounded *too* much at first and now I love it. Who knows, but I’m on the fourth song and nothing is to my liking yet. *grumbles*

Ooh tonight I’m celebrating @frenchtoastn‘s birthday! She turned 21 on Tuesday. (: I got her a cake and everything~ It’s really cute. ^^; We met at the Artshole house on Trigo this past weekend. She’s so nice and cute! Lol, I thought she was going to be tall but hehehe I think she’s my height. Short people unite? XD Hahaha…

Oh man, I haven’t really been talking to Elizabeth at all lately… since school started, I think. だめ だめ。 Eek! Need to keep up with my bestie fo’ sho. ):

My goal this weekend: Finish a book. Dunno if I’ll be able to or not but I have to get on it!!! Hehe.

The third week of school is starting and I haven’t hung out with David once. I know he’s busy with voter registration all of fall quarter but blah… he traded his friends for a higher cause. Lol… XD; Aww well anyway I’m proud of all he’s doing and I know he can beat Christine’s record. He is rather enthusiastic. Hah.

Gaunt emotions. My feelings are dying.

Rony’s been inquiring and prying into my personal life lately. No, I didn’t give her any details, but it was enough to get me to thinking, remembering, questioning and… I don’t like it.

On the bright side we did discuss my personal beliefs in terms of ‘religion’ and ethical views. It started because she was celebrating that Jewish holiday in which you can’t do anything (no drinking water, eating, going anywhere, using electricity) for 24 hours to meditate and repent for your past mistakes. Definitely I did not agree with her holiday and so we discussed it for a good hour if not more. ^^: In summary I’ve divulged my rule for living along with it’s two requisites and how I believe in Utilitarianism and the Harm Principle.

I can’t go on. The thoughts are many, the time is few. ♥

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