Wedding Vows and A New House

So… for several months now my aunt has been trying to buy a house in Downey… but with the state of the economy getting the bank loan for such an expensive house (1.7 million) was pretty difficult. I refrained from asking too often how progress was going because the answer was still the same: still pending.

Anyway, she left me a voicemail today (while I was doing laundry) to call her back… BECAUSE SHE GOT THE HOUSE!!! (:


From the outside the house looks regular-ish and normal… but on the inside the architecture is absolutely amazing!! I have a few photo in this folder here. Feel free to look~

I’m going home tomorrow to celebrate in the new house with the whole family!! (: And on Friday we are all going to Las Vegas to celebrate Nena’s wedding on Saturday. 😀 YAAAAAY!!! Totally a time of celebration.

Haha… in the house there are six huge bedrooms (each probably the size of my apartment *emo tears*), 6 bathrooms, and only my aunt Elvia, my mother, and my little brother are going to be living there. Can you tell that I’m going to totally STEAL a room and put all my shit in it and decorate it nice and pretty? YES INDEED~ Hahaha… ^_^; I’m going to enjoy going home now. Pwuahaha… XD; And the pool is so pretty~ ‘cus it has a sprinkler system around it… it’s hard to explain… but it’s like a little fountain all around the pool. Lmao. XD;

I’m giddy and so very freaking proud and happy for my aunt!! (:

2 thoughts on “Wedding Vows and A New House

  1. Hey! I’ve seen that house! It looks very nice inside 😀 Yeah, I never liked the outside, the color and outside structure was not at all appealling, but the inside is beautiful. That’s awesome, congradulations to your aunt ^_^ It’s nice to know that you’ll be living closer to me whenever you’re in Downey now, heeheehee. So come visit me sometime! Or I’ll come visit you for sure!

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