DayNovember 10, 2008

Backdated: Social Intercourse

Is a dangerous thing. And I think that’s the only thing I will say regarding it.

Frankly, I am not in the least astounded by my lack of emotion (besides extreme annoyance). I have always thought, and said on my blog, too, for that matter, that emotions are the epitome of weakness. Such things are not tolerated by me… They repulse me. Emotions bring about an extreme discomfort in me; they often have. Okay so it’s wrong of me to say ‘always’ because that simply isn’t true. At some point in my small existence I have felt things, emotions, passions, and to an extent I still do. But somewhere along the way (you can’t ask me to pinpoint when — I simply wouldn’t know) I stopped being capable of the capacity to feel.

It’s easy to imagine hypothetical situations. I’m okay with that. But in a real situation that changes… A feeling of nausea takes over me.

Yeah, I know it ain’t normal :p Whatever! My favorite class is next yaaaay! Phil o’ Mind! After: Stats.

Oh, I had so much fun with Carina and Anna this weekend!! (: Hehe… I should make an effort to hang out with them more since Sandy, Hailey, and David are so caught up in their drinking lifestyle. Parties start Thursdays and from there they just don’t stop. Their bottles are starting to pile up and since they keep them to “show off” … They better start finding space because for now they are running out of counter space. Lalalala whatevz.