My Eyes Wander For Help

It’s hitting me kind of hard, this lack of inspiration. I let too much time pass in between layouts that there is no consistent need to store ideas for the next. There’s a notebook of mine… and I still have it… where I would sketch layout ideas and imagine the prettiest things. And then once I got a hold of the idea I made it happen. Simple as that. If there was any code I wasn’t familiar with for the layout to work, well I would learn it and master it so that it worked. But you know the problem? I’ve been making blog layouts too long. I haven’t been able to break the mold in so long!

Maybe before gets a new layout I’ll make a layout for that other domain of mine… the new one… yeah, the one I haven’t used yet. -_-; It sits there looking real new and shiny and I sit back and watch the dust collect. Sowwy! ):

Ugh, I almost feel like I have to start looking around at other domains to see what’s currently ‘in’ but I find myself so attracted to German personal sites and blah they’re so damn creative, and photography is a real big thing with ’em as well as that really ‘indie’ look. Geez, I don’t even know how to describe the current trends. ):

My goal tomorrow (not today because I have to study real hardcore today), is to make a layout for that other domain. ^_^ Frames!! Yes… that’s exactly what I’ll use. Yaaay! Though I know I lag so bad on the coding… and I’m also sort of running out of creative ways to use ze CSS. You know, for Heart-strutter I pretty much paste my own CSS over and over and over? That’s so damn booooring!

What I need is a fresh canvas and a new css style sheet devoid of my previous inspirations. A new artistic start you know?

[Btw: I successfully made chocolate covered strawberries yesterday! ^-^ The key word is ‘successfully’ – uh… I am of strong opinion that I don’t really know how to cook/make anything lolol]

I’m tempted to make one of those huuuuge to-do lists right now. There’s a lot to do and I might forget. >_< Okok offffff I go! Baibai.

3 thoughts on “My Eyes Wander For Help

  1. to-do lists are kind of hard to follow. i know i make a ton to not do ANYTHING on there. hm, maybe some reverse psychology could work… 🙂 good luck on the layouts!

  2. There are things such as layout “trends”?? Wow, that’s amazing.

    Oh, lucky you Deller!
    I’ve been wanting to *successfully* make chocolate covered strawberries as well! Boooo me. I read the recipes over and over and over again.

  3. @Rachelle – Hm, I find large to-do lists get me focused. That way I know just what I need to do and it’s in physical form (by way of a list). Then I can just cross out all I’ve done!

    @Giselle – Lol! Yessss there are trends. Grunge layouts, surreal, collage-y types, etc. etc. I don’t really know how to define my layouts though. 🙁

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