After Some Contemplation

Originally when I opened up a tab to write an entry (an hour ago) I was considering discussing my mini-breakdown yesterday. You know, describe those moments of anguish, panic, lack of decisiveness, random tangets, distractions, etc. but now I don’t so much feel like doing it anymore. I am over it.

Something about that bothers me. Just a little. Only yesterday I was ranting and raving, thinking about throwing one of my textbooks out the window, etc., and now… that just sounds so overly dramatic. Granted, I still feel the same (re: lack of decisiveness), but the emotions are gone. My mind is exhausted and I’ve used up every last reserve of emotion. Let’s wait till my tank of emotion fills up again. Then maybe I will feel something again. ^_^

Oh yes… this week has been full of bad decision-making and quite frankly, I am apathetic to it all. Not a good sign of things to come. Not at all. Winter’s coming, depression’s coming, apathy’s coming, a whole whirlwind of bad things are coming my way!

Er… and a random addition to this entry:

[20:30] xportraitbruise: why my brain dying, bbkakez?
[20:30] Ryan: bbkakez you say?
[20:30] Ryan: BUKKAKE!
[20:30] Ryan: >>
[20:30] Ryan: <<
[20:30] xportraitbruise: wot?
[20:31] Ryan: nuthin
[20:31] xportraitbruise: O_O
[20:31] Ryan: wellll its 11:30 now
[20:31] Ryan: im gonna havta go to sleep soon
[20:31] xportraitbruise:
[20:31] xportraitbruise: O_O
[20:31] xportraitbruise: how you know that word, bby?
[20:32] Ryan: hahaha
[20:32] Ryan: you looked that up awful fast…
[20:32] xportraitbruise: i do everything awfully fast
[20:32] xportraitbruise: lightning speed~
[20:32] Ryan: you sure do!
[20:32] Ryan: like zoom zoom quick
[20:33] xportraitbruise: vroom~
[20:33] xportraitbruise: hey, buy me a new car?
[20:33] xportraitbruise: *pretty eyes*
[20:33] xportraitbruise: pwease?
[20:33] Ryan: awwww….no
[20:33] Ryan: XD
[20:34] xportraitbruise: fine!
[20:34] xportraitbruise: then go get your sleep!
[20:34] xportraitbruise: *cries* *staring at that pic still*
[20:34] xportraitbruise: XD
[20:34] xportraitbruise: lulz
[20:34] xportraitbruise: you so cuteeee
[20:34] Ryan: what pic?
[20:34] xportraitbruise: the wiki pic
[20:34] xportraitbruise: D;
[20:34] Ryan: HUHWHA??
[20:34] xportraitbruise: it’s so graphic
[20:34] Ryan: oh
[20:34] xportraitbruise: (lulz)
[20:34] Ryan: its a cartoon
[20:34] xportraitbruise: even sexxier!
[20:35] xportraitbruise: *laughing so hard*
[20:35] xportraitbruise: i feel like posting this on my blog
[20:35] Ryan: hahaha

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