8 thoughts on “Can I Endure?

  1. :mrgreen: i don’t care if i don’t like twilight or not, i wish i had edward boy’s hair 🙄

    bah, it sucks having fine hair, i want mine ttthhhhiiicccckkkkk 😀

    are you okay? hope everything is going fine.

    1. @Rachelle, Hehehe he is gorgeous~ His hair gets a little wild though if you see interviews… it’s a little scary. xD

      Hm, not so sure I’m fine… *sigh* but I’ll get better… eventually.

  2. Looks like everyone under 21 has been catching that Twilight bug this week…

    I don’t know what has been going on in your life that has led you to feeling this way, but I do hope that everything will somehow work itself out in the coming days.

    1. @JChardonnet, I know a few over 21-ers joining in on the fun. Heheh… it’s really not even that well written (the series) but it’s one of those fun reads… with HOT characters.

      Argh, I’ll be okay come … Spring… ): I hate this time of year. Everything always goes wrong.

  3. I wish I had as much enthusiasm about Twilight as everyone else! But now that the book series is over, and Midnight Sun has been basically cancelled, ((I DESPISE YOU, MS MEYER,)) I can’t seem to get as excited about it all. 😥 And it makes me feel left out somehow, LOL. I mean, I’m not even going to see the movie in the theatres! 😮

    Oh, shitsicles.

    On a happy note, I do love your layout. The girl is so pretty, and her makeup’s dead beautiful. 😀

    1. @Mallory, Hehehe… Midnight Sun is available on her website in a pdf if you want to read it, though! She wrote about half of it. Hmm but if you read it I heard it’s a little creepy hahaha… the whole stalking her bit. xD

      Sorry you can’t get into the series! And pfft what’s this? You should at least watch the movie!! (:

      Thanks for your layout compliments!!

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