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Heeeey! So yannoe… it’s pretty “in” this time of year to feel shitty. Let’s be real – that doesn’t make me feel any better. But at least we can all commiserate with one another! Most everyone I’m asking feels kinda down, not gonna lie.

Though yesterday wasn’t so bad. Breathe. All it takes is a little avoidance. Not necessarily the best coping method but whatever works right? Plus I watched Fringe and 90210! And today I caught up on yesterday and last week’s eps of Privileged. Nothing like a *little* bit of mindless TV to help out the soul right?

My absolutely wonderful Teekwidca has been helping me get through these days of depression, too. We have this great friendship chemistry. This December we’ll have been friends for 4 years (and we’re still close)! Admittedly there was a small bump in the road where I did the usual bullshit “let’s NOT be friends” but we get past things pretty easily. Thank goodness! I need someone, that, when pushed away, will push back. -_-; I think that’s what I really secretly want. *shrugs*

It also helped talking about some o’ my problems with both Elizabeth and Teekwidca. Talking actually helps… who would have thought!

Book I’m reading now: Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata! I really loved Beauty and Sadness by him when I read it in 10th grade. (: I’m determined to accomplish my goal of reading 12 books this year. Thus far I’ve only read 8, and now I’m on my 9th (I’m not counting Metamorphosis as a novel I read since that’s a short story, even though it’s in my Now Reading library).

*a few hours later*

Well… this entry was started at about 1pm. It’s 6pm now. Attended classes. Went to Starbucks to read. Then to Borders to read. I needed some alone time somewhere beside my apartment (which gets me moar depressed btw) just to clear my head. Unfortunately, it led to more thinking and some pretty emo introspective thought. Total FAIL. -_-; Ahhh *shrugs* I seriously feel like going out for a run or something.

Geez, I’m definitely very Bri Bear… I hibernate during this time of year. Sleep to let the bad times pass. Sleeeeep is the only answer. *sigh* I haven’t even been able to eat much lately either. Lyfe sux. Kbai. I go die nao. ^_^;

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  1. it’s nice that you have friends like that, i used to have friends who i could talk to but they ended up being the kind who if you went to different schools they just cut off contact. now my poor boyfriend has to listen to what i have to say 😈 truthfully, i really didn’t like metamorphosis (the one by kafka, right?) i read the whole thing and when at the end i was like 😡

  2. Definitely go for a run. I’ve found it really helps when you’re going through a rough time. You know, endorphines, and all that good junk. Really. Running always helps me take my mind off things, at least while I’m doing it. Afterwards, all bets are off, but a temporary escape is nothing to shake a stick at.

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