Behaviorist Joke

I am such a geek!! A geek for philosophy, in any case. Okay so I’m just about done with the second of three essays we need to write for Phil of Mind. The second prompt asks:

What is Behaviorism? Why is it a form of Materialism about mental states? Consider a sentence that attributes a mental state to Kobe Bryant. How would the behaviorist attempt to go about providing a purely behavioral translation of the sentence? Describe 2 problems for the attempted translation.

Okay, I’ll just give a really brief run-down so I can get to the joke~ Har har har… *oh gawds I’m such a geek*

Behaviorism is basically, in layman’s terms, facts about the mind that are nothing more than facts about and dispositions to bodily behavior.

Okay, so basically… If you are sad, your bodily behavior (e.g. crying, saying, ‘I am sad’, smacking your head against a table, etc. etc.) will indicate your mental state. I can already tell anyone with a brain can see there is a problem with this. Okay so an objection to this view about the mind in the form of a joke:

Woman: It was good for you, how was it for me? 😉

Har har har… Oh my god… I can’t believe I wrote an entire entry for this joke. Alternately, the G-rated version of the joke:

Man: You’re fine, how am I doing today?

*crickets chirping* Yes… well… I’ll go finish my essay now… xD Hahahah

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