Physical/Bodily Acceptance

*currently struggling really hard to fight back the depression*

Ok!!! Gotta keep doing shit… even if it means a ton of random stupid entries. OH! I want to go try the new Xbox 360’s update which includes Netflix Streamingggg!~

Okay right… so this topic was sort of inspired by Giselle. Girly and I have been friends and kept somewhat in touch since 7th grade. How crazy is that!

The other day she blogged about physical changes in her body and how it’s somewhat hard to notice them from day to day. But think back a few years and you definitely didn’t have the same body as now, right? (That may be for better or worse… sowwy)

Alright so today I went shopping, and saw a few clothes stores. I didn’t really feel like *buying* anything (woah~ shocking, right!?) but it was fun trying on some clothes. Okay, this is going to sound so awkward… but you know… I got a good look at my body. xD Lmfao… *blushes* I mean, I could easily do that here in my apartment, right, but the thought doesn’t really occur to me. Anywho… …

There are certainly some things I could improve on. I mean, who doesn’t think that? Do you like your body? Not many people can say honestly that they 100% dig their own body unless their physique is just modelesque. *shrugs* Meaning, there’s always a little improvement that could be done here and there. But, anyway I realized that I totally ACCEPT my body. Even looking at myself in the mirror (fully clothed this time) – I totally just accept it. I’m me! YAY~

My body definitely doesn’t look the way it did in 9th and 10th grade, though. It’s difficult to move on from that image of myself. I was size 1, had abs~, and my arms were pretty toned. ~Everyone~ always talked about my fantastic legs and *ahem* my butt. Hahaha… omg this is such an awkward entry! Okay, moving along… and yeah, I totally agreed! My body was actually a topic of discussion, a physique people were striving to have, were envious of. Goodness, I sound so conceited, but it’s the truth!

Now? There are plenty of verrry tall, super skinny beach blonde girls here. I’m like… none of those. Lmao. But that’s okay. Whatever. My progress is my own. My body is okay, fine, acceptable. At least to me anyway. I don’t expect anyone (guys/gals – since girls are apparently attracted to me *sigh… it’s a long story*) to accept it the way I do. They haven’t been in my skin for almost 20 years. Oh shiiiit… that was exciting. The prospect of being 20. haha…

My hair is super cute~ So is my face. Hahaha… And I don’t really care if everyone else hates it. Sure, it can lead to depression over the fact that guyz dun like meee, but that’s more a repercussion than it is an individual problem.

Lulz… and since people luff this pic:


That’s meee. (: Though, to be fair, my hair isn’t that length or that color at the moment. *rethinks this* I’ll post a newer pic. Looove these sunglasses btw~ I thought about posting a Lady Gaga inspired pic but that was too funny. xD (I look hella bitchy hahaha)


Ooh my tummy is actually needing food! YAY for return of appetite? We’ll see. (:

3 thoughts on “Physical/Bodily Acceptance

  1. Dude, that’s pretty crazy. It’s been 6 years! WOW. We’ve known each other nearly 1/3 of our lives. Can you believe that? For sure, we’re going to continue keeping contact. ^_^ That’s great.

    Aw, Deller. You’re super adorable — Well you’ve always been, shoot.

    And it’s true … despite the fact that I AM content with the way that I look, there’s always something I feel I need to change — whether it be hair, toning bod, etc. It’s normal for everyone.
    I like this post. ^_^

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