DayDecember 3, 2008

What’s in your heart?


Hello, gorgeous~ I watched Twilight again on Monday, but this time with David, Sandy, and Hailey!! The first time the acting was horrible as was the directing, but the second time since I was with friends that made it more exciting… and I was so focused on RPattz so that made a world of difference. David and I had to hold hands during certain parts because it was too much to handle! At a few points I think David was even lightly biting my hand hahaha… And I was literally squealing like a little girl. Haha… and it was a little awkward but only because there were only 8 people in the movie theater in all (with 4 of us we were half the crowd). Haha, I think Hailey kept saying, “My vagina is quivering” and I felt sort of bad because I think there was a little kiddy a few rows down. Lmao.

Watching Twilight again reaffirmed my love for Edward Cullen. *dreamy sigh* When I got back all I could do was daydream and suffice to say… *ahem* I definitely dreamt of him that night. Hahaha. ~Awkward~

It’s so great turning on my phone… his beautiful face is my wallpaper. It’s also my wallpaper for my Macbook and PC. And Rony has a poster on her side of the room. (: Edward Cullen’s face is everywhere I turn and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (:

Today I got my 42″ HDTV!! I luff it to pieces!~ It’s such a joy watching TV now… I definitely don’t have to squint. Hell I don’t even have to look that hard because it’s just like overwhelmingly there. Hahaha

I am so incredibly bored right now… I’m watching Christmas in Rockefeller Center on ABC right now. *shrugs* There isn’t much else on until 10pm when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show begins on CBS. David Cook sings really well, at least… And wow… after listening to the song I have a new top favorite Christmas song!

It’s his version of a John Lennon classic, “Happy Christmas (War is Over)”


Thank goodness I found it on Youtube because I don’t think you can download it anywhere and I love it to pieces…. AH!

Mm, listening to good ol’ KOST 103.5 streaming online now. (: Geez, I miss SoCal. This whole “central coast” business that is Santa Barbara isn’t too fun. Ahhh just a week and a half more and I get to go back home. *sigh* I want to be back so badly…

OMG! Anyway, this past weekend I bought a gray peacoat!!! Not sure if I’ve mentioned this but OMGGGG I love it to pieces! Peacoats are absolutely beautiful and comfortable and WARM!! There are no pictures of it available at (I got it at American Eagle) but it’s just so *perfect*

Coincidentally David also got a peacoat and it’s black. It’s TOO FIERCE TO HANDLE! (: Hahaha

Anyway, to elaborate on the bolded sentence… It’s so great being home!! My brother and I are incredibly fun together. We go to the pool and swim laps together or just play around and then go to the jacuzzi. Or we play Call of Duty: World at War together, or he lets me play Fallout 3 and gives me tips. *sad face* I feeeed him because he’s having weight issues (he’s thin but thinks he’s fat and watches calories – Mom thinks he may be anorexic… ackk!). And then you know… it’s just great being in the comforts of other people since I’m mostly always alone in the apartment. I don’t do so well alone. *sigh* And even my Aunt El and Mom are pleasant! I want to be home so badlyyyy.

I mean after winter break it’s back to UCSB. ): I wanna be HOME permanently you know?

(As a side note to self: I still can’t get him out of my head blah!)