What’s in your heart?


Hello, gorgeous~ I watched Twilight again on Monday, but this time with David, Sandy, and Hailey!! The first time the acting was horrible as was the directing, but the second time since I was with friends that made it more exciting… and I was so focused on RPattz so that made a world of difference. David and I had to hold hands during certain parts because it was too much to handle! At a few points I think David was even lightly biting my hand hahaha… And I was literally squealing like a little girl. Haha… and it was a little awkward but only because there were only 8 people in the movie theater in all (with 4 of us we were half the crowd). Haha, I think Hailey kept saying, “My vagina is quivering” and I felt sort of bad because I think there was a little kiddy a few rows down. Lmao.

Watching Twilight again reaffirmed my love for Edward Cullen. *dreamy sigh* When I got back all I could do was daydream and suffice to say… *ahem* I definitely dreamt of him that night. Hahaha. ~Awkward~

It’s so great turning on my phone… his beautiful face is my wallpaper. It’s also my wallpaper for my Macbook and PC. And Rony has a poster on her side of the room. (: Edward Cullen’s face is everywhere I turn and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (:

Today I got my 42″ HDTV!! I luff it to pieces!~ It’s such a joy watching TV now… I definitely don’t have to squint. Hell I don’t even have to look that hard because it’s just like overwhelmingly there. Hahaha

I am so incredibly bored right now… I’m watching Christmas in Rockefeller Center on ABC right now. *shrugs* There isn’t much else on until 10pm when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show begins on CBS. David Cook sings really well, at least… And wow… after listening to the song I have a new top favorite Christmas song!

It’s his version of a John Lennon classic, “Happy Christmas (War is Over)”


Thank goodness I found it on Youtube because I don’t think you can download it anywhere and I love it to pieces…. AH!

Mm, listening to good ol’ KOST 103.5 streaming online now. (: Geez, I miss SoCal. This whole “central coast” business that is Santa Barbara isn’t too fun. Ahhh just a week and a half more and I get to go back home. *sigh* I want to be back so badly…

OMG! Anyway, this past weekend I bought a gray peacoat!!! Not sure if I’ve mentioned this but OMGGGG I love it to pieces! Peacoats are absolutely beautiful and comfortable and WARM!! There are no pictures of it available at AE.com (I got it at American Eagle) but it’s just so *perfect*

Coincidentally David also got a peacoat and it’s black. It’s TOO FIERCE TO HANDLE! (: Hahaha

Anyway, to elaborate on the bolded sentence… It’s so great being home!! My brother and I are incredibly fun together. We go to the pool and swim laps together or just play around and then go to the jacuzzi. Or we play Call of Duty: World at War together, or he lets me play Fallout 3 and gives me tips. *sad face* I feeeed him because he’s having weight issues (he’s thin but thinks he’s fat and watches calories – Mom thinks he may be anorexic… ackk!). And then you know… it’s just great being in the comforts of other people since I’m mostly always alone in the apartment. I don’t do so well alone. *sigh* And even my Aunt El and Mom are pleasant! I want to be home so badlyyyy.

I mean after winter break it’s back to UCSB. ): I wanna be HOME permanently you know?

(As a side note to self: I still can’t get him out of my head blah!)

One thought on “What’s in your heart?

  1. haha i know what you mean about the wallpaper everywhere. u have cher<3 wallapaper on my laptop, cell phone, and i’m just waiting for the bag. (*`艸´) RP is cute, but I saw a pic of the asian guy, I can’t remember his name but man he was hot 😀

    and congrats on the peacoat, i have to clean mine, but i might just get a new one because this one is too big D:

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