Let the Darkness Swallow You Whole

I’m currently sitting in the dark in the living room. It gets dark really early these days. And it sounds like I’m setting the mood for some deep and dark introspective entry, but in reality I’m pretty damn happy! (: That’s totally strange for this time of year, but I’m NOT complaining.

This quarter has felt like a first-quarter-in-college for some reason. That’s not necessarily bad… but all the mental maturity I should have done during my first quarter last year I did this year. But all in baby steps! This quarter I actually studied hardcore for finals and tried my best (somewhat hahaha… I will sometimes procrastinate!). And I think I’m going to get an A in Philosophy of Mind. Based on my grades for the previous 2 assignments (of 3 essays each) all I needed on the final was an 82 to maintain my A. We had to write FOUR essays for the final, which took me two hours and 10 pages. Lmao… shit was intense. I think my brain died a little bit toward the end and my hand was about to fall off.

What really made me super happy was that the TA walked out when I finished my final and was setting it on the table, which at the time was disappointing because I wanted to be all like, “Thanks!! Bye now” sort of thing. But anyway, he stepped out so he could talk to me! He addressed me by name and told me that I was one of the few people to get consistent As in the class and that I did really well. Not gonna lie, I was a little flustered and didn’t know what to say hahaha so I just said, “Well, I love philosophy…” Hahaha… afterward as I was walking away I was totez liek, “damnn that was dumb.” Haha

So last night Instead of studying for Health Psych some more I was too elated and joined Hailey and David to go watch MILK. The movie is about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. I just have to say the movie was really empowering not just for the progress a single man was able to garner for the gay movement but just as a motivation to always have ideals to strive for because it IS in your power to grasp them.

Note to self: My theory of replacement is dead-on. NUUUUH. Already I think there is a replacement but I’m a bit more like whatever this time. Hahaha. xD And I’m SO over it. Like forreal. YAY!

I cannot wait until WordPress releases WordPress 2.7. I can’t risk even downloading Release Candiate 1 because all my entries on here are super amazingly important to me. The new layout in the Admin looks so much cleaner and nicer that I can’t wait to write my entries with it!!

Ooh… it’s been a while since I listened to the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack so that’s what I’m doing now. I reallllly want to buy the DVD but it isn’t out until January 20th! And already I bought “In The Mood For Love” and “2046” haha…

OY… speaking of shopping I busted a mission last night. After my Phil of Mind final I didn’t really change into anything warmer when we went out to the movies and I was wearing my thin pink zip-up hoodie. And I was shiiivering so before the movie started we went to American Eagle and I told myself I was looking for a black jacket. Immediately I found two… one with faux fur and a more casual one. xD And… I bought them. -$110 from my account (faux fur jacket was $80 but!!! the second hoodie was 50% off so it was only $20 instead of $40). *dies* Hahaha…. I think in like less than 2 weeks I spent about ~$400 of my own money on clothes. -_-; Hahaha… oops?

I can tell how many days I haven’t used the computer by looking at my RSS feeds. ): There’s a lot to catch up on! BLARGH. asdfkjsadf That’s okayyyy winter break is nearing!!!!!!

Non-sensical happiness!

I love my friends! I love my family! I love myself, too! (:

6 thoughts on “Let the Darkness Swallow You Whole

  1. haha too bad you couldn’t do MY essays! 😀 i take a philosophy course called beauty and aesthetics. we read various philosophers writings on art (mainly between art and truth). i have to write on nietzsche, heidegger (hatehisstuffsooooomuch), walter benjamin and carl jung. it kils my brain, but i’m halfway done!

    1. @Rachelle, Woah that sounds so cool!!! 😀 I actually wrote a paper in 10th grade on beauty and truth before I even knew there was a longstanding connection between the two in any philosophical thought. But the philosophers you just mentioned sound a little dry hahaha…

      But good luck!!! 😀 I hope it goes well for you.

  2. Good job on your essays. It feels awesome after you finish. A nice feeling of relief. 😛

    Oh gosh, I’m trying to control my shopping habits but I can’t seem to stop. Most of the time, it’s not clothes though. It’s more like art supplies, school supplies, magazines, and other random junk. So this habit hasn’t been too expensive yet. However, once I get back home where I can go to the mall and actually shop for clothes, my bank account is going to DROP!

    Well, on the bright side, we’re helping the economy. XD
    Thaos last blog post: End of First Quarter in College

  3. It’s really great that you’re doing so well in school. It’s not often for a TA to compliment a student or regard one that highly, especially after a big exam. I know because I am one. We try to keep our biases to ourselves, though we do have favorites. Your TA must’ve been really impressed with your work.

    About Twilight, thank you for explaining to me the phenomenon behind the obsession so thoroughly. I can now kind of see why teenage girls are so in loved with the vampire. He’s got that out of this noble, nonchalant attitude and a little bit of that classic old world magic, like most literary vampires. However the characters are just not connecting with me and I can’t seem to like any of them. So I probably won’t be diving into this series anytime soon–or at all. But thanks again for taking the time to explain.

  4. It’s really great that you’re doing so well in school. It’s not often for a TA to compliment a student or regard one that highly, especially after a big exam. I know because I am one. We try to keep our biases to ourselves, though we do have favorites. Your TA must’ve been really impressed with your work

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