DayDecember 17, 2008

A Dream and With More Frequency

A few nights ago I dreamt I was in a relationship with an extremely cute boy. He was the nicest, most caring guy… to the point of annoyance somewhat. Really nice boys are very annoying. The ones that don’t give you any reason to be upset are painfully boring. In any case, that’s a different topic and I’m talking about someone specific. Back to my dream: This dreamed cute boyfriend of mine… I miss him. *sighs* The next night I was hoping of dreaming of him again, but sadly I had a dreamless sleep. This is the very first time I’ve ever dreamt of being in a relationship and it was… nice, pleasant, surprising, etc.

By no means am I feeling needy right now. Sure I have some stances on relationships (but I’ll not go into detail), and yeah it’d be nice to have a boyfriend but I’m sort of whatever on the matter. Actually it’s more of a resignation that it’s not really going to happen anytime soon, but let’s not delve into my cognitive distortions. So yeah as I was saying… I’m not being needy, so the dream really caught me off-guard! I don’t understand why I had it now of all times.

As of late, I’m either hallucinating or guys are being extra charming and flirtatious toward me. I don’t know why… or if it’s legitimate. *giggles* That really cute emo boy, “Hey, nice piercing…” with those really intense eyes that never stopped looking over at me all night. That tall attractive boy that leaned over towards me, “But it was worth it right?” with the cutest smile. Yeah… anyhow! I’m pretty sure I’m not dreaming this shit up right? It’s just awwwwkward!! I get sort of flustered and my cheeks turn red each time… gahhh. -_-; That’s so lame but whatever… hahaha, it adds color to my cheeks. ^_^

No one deserves to be alone for the holidays. *hugs my friends and family tightly* I’m definitely looking forward to the Christmas party we’re throwing on Saturday. Anna, Gloria, Sandy, Vy, Jean, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Rona, and David (and maybe Eric and Tim), are coming!! W000t! College and high-school friends inter-mix and meet! It’ll be hella fun dancing… and hopefully a few of them are able to get presents. As always we’re raffling presents to guests and all the kids.

In fact, I spent ALL of today shopping and running errands with my aunt. We bought some things for the house (more rugs zomgz… they are so freaking heavy), and all the children’s presents. Picking out hella toys from stores made me feel like a little kid again hahaha. Oh fudge and we’re having a wrapping party on Thursday. I am *not* looking forward to that at all!!

Ahhh… the joys of shopping. I have some gift ideas… Must go shopping without any family members around… lol~