Poker Face (Photo Heavy)

A string of pictures to explain in lesser words more things. None of the photos are photoshopped edited because I haven’t the time to do all that, so sorry if some look too yellow, etc.

The old look vs. my new hair color!

Day after the Saturday Christmas Party. Snow (we ordered it from Union Ice) on front lawn, and then at Aunt Maggie’s house for Midori’s 2nd birthday party (Aunt El, Mom, Me)

Little brother and I. Clearly, he is several inches taller than me! Haha ♥

The outfit and the look~ (Clearly, laundry basket there with clothes I need to hang/fold lol) My eyelashes touch my eyes hahaha I love my eyelashes~ (Hate how in the photo the blouse looks too poofy but it’s actually not bad irl hahaha)

Close-up of my makeup! (: [All new Smashbox makeup] And it lasted all day/night, as seen by the 2am second pic, with hot mess in the background haha.

Today’s makeup. Intense pink and black! Yepp, I’m wearing pink and black today hahaha.

There are lots of Christmas pics with my family but just for privacy I’m only posting self-portraits of Christmas Eve.

I ordered my makeup on Tuesday and it all arrived on Wednesday! It helps that their warehouse is just a few cities away~!! Smashbox is love. (:

As for Christmas, presents I got: white gold earrings, PS3 (I was the ONLY one in the family not to have one), iPod Classic 120GB yay, Moneeey, B&N Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card, and Blu-ray movies for my PS3 haaay~! (:

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