DayFebruary 2, 2009


Except for a few minutes just a bit ago I’ve been pretty happy. Geez, I really know how to get myself depressed don’t I? DNW to talk about it! DNW depression!!!! GAHHHHHHH. I’m trying to get over it. It’s not a “over it, been over it” moment. I wish it were. *emo tears*

And then I think about my family and how chill and amazing they are everything feels alright again. I do not need drama or stupid shit in my life… especially not super problematic PEOPLE. Ugh! DNW!!!!!

Life needs to be problem-free. SIMPLE. Breathe. Breathe.

I just need to forget about it and remember that my life is FUN, simple, beautiful, problem-free, and I don’t need this. Reclaim my life. *breathing deeply*

Uhm, yep. This is my blog entry. Nonsensical, vague… lololol.