DayFebruary 26, 2009


Note to self: Make blog post for Elizabeth regarding morality and beliefs.

Lolol… so the title comes from one of Rona’s slip-ups. Since she makes fun of me all the time when I say something not to her liking (video, wolf, etc.) I decided to laugh about it. She makes me happy~~ 😀

I’m currently supposed to write a rough-draft of an original argument. The problem is that the essay’s topic is on ME. Ugh. I cannot write three pages on one of my personal traits, and demonstrate why that characterizes me. Three pages is too much. Blah. So to make it interesting, since we need two outside sources, I’m thinking of describing how  I’m happy using Aristotle’s definition of happiness. Lol… if I can make it about philosophy I will! Otherwise ugh… this is not an assignment I’m looking forward to writing. Tyler provided us with an article so we could use that and pick between being like Athenians or Visigoths… and so far I’ve always opted for the choice of picking some outside article to write my essays. Not this time though. I prefer writing analyses or critiques not original arguments.

This thing is due at midnight… alkfjlsfjlsjdf. What the hell. =\ At least I currently have a 99% in the class, though. *shrugs* Writing in stream-of-consciousness for about 10 minutes sometimes helps to get the writing process kick-started. I don’t really believe that, but I haven’t really been blogging so there ya go.

To keep myself happy I’ve been singing along to the Repo! soundtrack. Hahaha… but it’s sort of distracting, too.

Oh yeahhh… this is just a rough draft! I need to remember that. Though I do always write the entirety of my essay the first go-round so that for the final I just edit. Writing 2 sucks! I hate that UCSB doesn’t let you test out of it.

This weekend ought to be pretty fun, though, with me turning 20 and all that! 😀 Okkk, back to writing ze essay~!!