Getting Some Blog On

I’ve tried starting entries lately and then I run out of time and have to leave or something… not sure. Anyway, I’m forcing myself to sit down and have a real talk with myself. Hahaha.

My birthday was FUNFUNFUN! Rona and I spent the day together in Solvang increasing our chances for diabetes, and then went out to dinner with all my college-y friends. (: [Hm, made me think how I’m not talking to my high-school peeps as much anymore!!! :/ ] Anyway, I’m 20… it’s awesome… yadda yadda. I hate updating on stuff that passed a while back. Playing catch-up isn’t my favorite game to play.

Monday, I got ridiculously sick. Ugh. I’m still sick for that matter. Grrr… it sucks! There were a few days I thought death was upon me forreal yo. It was like I turned 80 not 20. Hahaha.

Since I’ve been stuck in the apartment throwing tissue paper left and right, Rona and I decided to make a skit and record it. Well, it was very improv and it’s way stupid… but we quickly edited it and we’re going to put it on facebook. -_-; Just thinking about it is really embarrassing. We purposedly edited really dumb to make it more funny… Oh geez.

Anyway, and today I pretended to be Jewish. Hahaha… we went to Sabbat at the nearby Synagogue. We went to the Conservative service just because it was straight from the book and I wouldn’t need to sing anything (like in the Reform service). Hahaha… surprisingly translated Hebrew is really easy to pronounce so it was fun! And there was a dinner afterward~~ which uhm… was amazing! The challah and matza balls were great, and Rona knew I would like them. Though by the end I was way too full. And aghhh…. I love fried tofu so much… it’s almost awkward.

Ok! Mandatory blog over. Back to playing videogames w/ Rony. (Aww… it’s going to be so sad not being roommates next year… but it’s okay, I’ll have fun with Sandy… hahahaha)

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