DayApril 22, 2009

A Late Night Smoke

I’m waiting for my hair to dry.
I’m sitting calmly on my couch, laptop in front, smoking a clove.
Time isn’t my friend as of late, though you can tell from the time difference between entries.
Revolutionary Road gave me the urge to smoke, to be honest.
I think I’m falling into a state of apathy and confusing it for happiness.
Any time I’m not sad is a good time.
I haven’t been sad in a year!

There’s cause for celebration.

My judgment as of late has been typical.
And by that I mean typical college student.
In other words, my personal judgment is off.
There’s just been a lot of growing up this past year. I’m OK with that.

Somewhere along the way I decided to care too much about myself that I stopped caring about others.
There’s no remedy because I don’t care.

But I’ve probably not been this stable since 9th grade.
I remember I used to idolize my 9th grade self. The day I stopped was the day I learned to accept myself. I think I was riding my bike when it happened.

Teasing isn’t for the faint of heart.
It took me about an hour to wash/deep condition/comb out the tangles.
The stylish faux hawk made it all worth it though.

Swim class ought to be fun in the morning, if I manage to wake up.
Oversleeping is really annoying.
Sleeping in general is a waste of my time.
YET… I’ve been sleeping about 11 hours a night, average.
I can’t let that happen because swim is at 9 am.

My thoughts are pretty fragmented at the moment.
But I figured getting a little blog on was better than nothing.

Sleep a little. Dream a lot.