Dissociative Amnesia

“Oh my god, why am I in therapy again?”

Those were the words that kept crossing my mind as I sat in the waiting room, with my hands shaking. I pretended to read the newspaper but I felt nauseous, and most definitely I needed to cry. For a whole year, I’ve been FINE. Now all of a sudden I’m depressed.

All day today I was super restless and I couldn’t concentrate. Then in Psych class I started feeling sad… I was just taking notes.

I have such a headache.

I resolved to make an appointment with my good ol’ therapist Dr. Bimbela. Coming back from 2pm I figured it was better to make the appointment sooner than later. The appointment time? 2:30. I didn’t have enough time to feel “prepared.” It was strange seeing him again… like a recurring nightmare, only not scary. Just… come on… it’s therapy! And I’m going again. I have an appointment scheduled for an hour next week and then half hour the week after that. It’s a time-consuming CHORE to be depressed. This isn’t what I need (the depression) right now.

Let’s just forget this all happened.


On the brighter side of life.

Last night Rona and I went to Aroma Bakery Cafe in the Valley at about a quarter to midnight. It’s this lovely classy-casual place where the patrons smoke their cigarettes, drink their coffee, sit seductively, and have a laugh. I did most of those as well; gotta fit in you know? Unfortunately Rona and I weren’t carrying our Djarums so we couldn’t pretend to be quite as cool as everyone else.

The valet man was a goddamn riot.

Good times.

(If I’m having good times why the hell am I depressed? I still appreciate all the fun everyday occurences but… underlying all that I’m just frustrated at life!)

O hai still reading? Lemme tell you, Rona and I found the most potent butter uhm ever. No elaboration needed.

One thought on “Dissociative Amnesia

  1. Very easy to indulge in comfort foods. The better option is to stick with therapy. Eventually you will find relief with a good therapist and few regular sessions. It is also important to know what triggers your depression. Places, faces, talking about the past.

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