DayMay 20, 2009

There’s No Connection

What happened to April 6th? That was the day I said, “Spring quarter is beautiful.” Soooo much for that~

I feel like I talked about too many things all at once. There’s this internal confusion right now… But mostly I just don’t care.

Can this quarter please end?

I have nothing to talk about. At least that means I’m not depressed. Damn though, I rather have something to talk about.

9 minutes until class starts and only 2 other people are in here besides myself. People must not want to be in here. It is a drab sort of class. Can I stop rambling?

What do I want? Depression, so I can feel real again?

Since when is it so wrong to be normal? I’m feeling like this again. Not good. Whateverrrrr. I’mma play Farm Town now.