The Salon

Is greater jealousy a sign of greater love?

Questions like the one above were asked in 17th and 18th century Salons in France in which the upperclass spent their days. The question was posed to me and my classmates by my professor yesterday in my French 50BX class (literature class).

Many people are inclined to say no to the question. I think my opinion is similar, but I do believe that jealousy in moderation reaffirms a great love. Someone said, in class yesterday, that jealousy meant you didn’t trust your lover. I completely disagree with that; it assumes that jealousy gives rise to distrust and I don’t believe that’s the case. What I believe is that a little jealousy is healthy and common. It’s perfectly natural to feel like your love is yours and yours alone. That’s the purpose of marriage after all – fidelity – so why shouldn’t they be all yours? That twinge of jealousy just means you feel a sense of urgency and danger, and we are animals that feel threatened naturally.

Though I’ve never been “in love” so I can’t speak from experience about any of this. All I can ever do is make my best through-introspection guess.

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Lush Big Hair Affair Kit

*Please note that I am NOT getting paid to do this or any such thing. I am reviewing all these products of my own will after having purchased them at Lush. This is all for your convenience!*

It’s no secret that Lush has taken the world by storm these past couple of months what with the store opening new locations, making their much sought-after products easier to obtain. Lush is known for their amazing soaps and bath bombs (which you just plomp right in and it does amazing things to your bath water), and as of late they’re popularizing their hair products. Personally, I’m a big fan of their “Honey I Washed The Kids” and recently tried a few of their bath bombs (in which I had my very first legit bath!) and Lush has won me over.

The Lush Big Hair Affair, a limited edition kit, introduces us to one of every type of Lush hair product (except the Henna dye bars), in mini-size. It’s a pretty good deal to get you started with their products so you can decide for yourself what you like and are willing to repurchase. Each kit comes with:

1 Bottle of H’suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturizer
2 Solid Shampoo Bars
1 Jungle Solid Conditioner
1 Liquid Shampoo
1 Liquid Conditioner
1 Styling Gel

I shall now review the products that I have already tried, or otherwise speak my piece regarding my initial thoughts regarding my selection of products from this kit.

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Random Facts About Me

I’m writing this because I’m frustrated. And lists help me, mentally.

  • The only thing I’ve eaten today is a bag of peanut M&Ms.
  • The reason for this is because my aunt and I are too similar. Neither of us particularly likes the time it takes to cook. And as a result she has no food in the house.
  • The housekeeper cooks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but she barely started cooking (12:13pm) and I’m kinda hungry…
  • My birth certificate has my name as Adela Brigitte De Soto Menendez. This is way too long.
  • The double last name is very problematic to my life.
  • My name on my California ID takes up two lines.
  • As if having two last names weren’t complicated enough, my first last name has a SPACE in it. In people’s databases (at the bank, when I’m making a hair appointment), I can never be found because they never type my name with a space even after I’ve said it. So I have to explain to them, “D-E-SPACE-that’s important-S-O-T-O” “Ah, there’s your account.” ~No really??~
  • I had to call the bank 4x to get my name changed. My credit card had De Soto as my last name and my checking/savings account had Menendez DESPITE the fact that both cards have typed on them De Soto.
  • This led to me not having access to my credit card through online banking because the last name was different, and thus didn’t recognize me as owning both accounts.
  • My father’s last name is NOT even De Soto. It’s SOTO, non-complicated. But somehow there was a mixup at my birth and I ended up with De Soto, and also with my mother’s maiden name attached to it.
  • After getting my accounts settled online the man did something SUPER bootleg. He deleted my middle initial, B, and made my middle initials DE, and set my last name as SOTO.
  • I have a feeling I’m going to experience many struggles purchasing things online when they ask me to input my name.
  • I go by my middle name because I hate my first name getting pronounced UH-DELL-UH. UH is not my favorite sound. It’s AH-DEL-AH. ADELA, in Spanish.
  • That is why I think names like Adelaide, Adelaida, and Adelyn are all very pretty. They don’t have the dreaded UH sound.
  • My middle name is even more complicated than my first name. It’s Brigitte. NOT BRIDGET. I’m not a damn bridge. Think in French.
  • And since no one can say my middle name in French, I just go by “BRI – short just like me.”
  • That’s literally how I introduce myself to people. I keep it memorable.
  • I want to change my name to Brigitte Menendez. France and Spain, joined in perfect harmony.

Do you have anything that is super problematic to your life?

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Won’t Be The Last Time He’ll Ignore Me

I feel like constructing a Found Poem. Other people’s words always somehow manage to explain in better (and a shorter amount of) words what I mean.

Life is so unexciting. There’s nothing bad going on (to me personally), but there’s also nothing amazing going on. And so I feel that I’ve come to depend on things I never believed in for excitement. There is honestly nothing to look forward to until after college. This feels like a standstill. Maybe I’ve done all the growing up I can do while in college. Give me my next venture already.

The sentence I’m about to type almost seems to nullify the above paragraph: I went to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. I got to see a few celebrities pretty up close and then even more from far away. Let me tell you… Megan Fox is flawless. Taylor Lautner is way too buff for16, but it’s hot as hell. Miley Cyrus is awkwardly tall and has a horrible way of walking. Eminem got offended and left the awards. Sandra Bullock playfully slapped Ryan Reynolds. It was looooads of fun.

Oh lol… I get it. This is probably depression without a ton of sadness. Just lack of emotionality.

The Sims 3 releases today! Sandy, Rona, and I are going to Best Buy at 10am to go get our copies. I guess it’s exciting but at the same time… well, don’t know where I was going with that. Eh.

Let’s fly in the sky.

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