Won’t Be The Last Time He’ll Ignore Me

I feel like constructing a Found Poem. Other people’s words always somehow manage to explain in better (and a shorter amount of) words what I mean.

Life is so unexciting. There’s nothing bad going on (to me personally), but there’s also nothing amazing going on. And so I feel that I’ve come to depend on things I never believed in for excitement. There is honestly nothing to look forward to until after college. This feels like a standstill. Maybe I’ve done all the growing up I can do while in college. Give me my next venture already.

The sentence I’m about to type almost seems to nullify the above paragraph: I went to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. I got to see a few celebrities pretty up close and then even more from far away. Let me tell you… Megan Fox is flawless. Taylor Lautner is way too buff for16, but it’s hot as hell. Miley Cyrus is awkwardly tall and has a horrible way of walking. Eminem got offended and left the awards. Sandra Bullock playfully slapped Ryan Reynolds. It was looooads of fun.

Oh lol… I get it. This is probably depression without a ton of sadness. Just lack of emotionality.

The Sims 3 releases today! Sandy, Rona, and I are going to Best Buy at 10am to go get our copies. I guess it’s exciting but at the same time… well, don’t know where I was going with that. Eh.

Let’s fly in the sky.

3 thoughts on “Won’t Be The Last Time He’ll Ignore Me

  1. Believe me friend, I understand the feeling! UCSB does that to the best of us. (and people like me too) I don’t know if there is one solid solution to the problem, but I do know that my fix was to force myself to get out there, meet new people, do things I never thought about before. I ended up getting into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ballroom dancing, seriously learning Spanish, and a whole heap of weird activities most of which I haven’t tried since. Some of them went well, others fell apart right away, but I’m firmly of the opinion that college is less a time to get that fucking piece of paper or find out “what I’m going to do with my life” and much more a time to figure out yourself – what’s important to you, what are you good/bad at, where you want to put your limited time and effort. As my dad said a thousand times before it really sunk in, college is a social education masquerading as a formal one.

    Just my .02, and I hope you pull back up before this quasi-depression becomes a real one.

  2. Yay. Deller updated.
    If only I remembered my xanga password. Argh. And the stupid secret question process is all screwy right now. I’ll try later. :\ Want to update too.

    That’s so cool you when to the awards. Where was it at? That seems pretty fun.

  3. Wow…I never get to see celebrities.

    OMG SIMS 3!!!!! I’ve been waiting forever for it. They kept pushing back to release date. Must get a copy asap now that I have free time.

    Thaos last blog post: Study Break

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