DayJune 16, 2009

Random Facts About Me

I’m writing this because I’m frustrated. And lists help me, mentally.

  • The only thing I’ve eaten today is a bag of peanut M&Ms.
  • The reason for this is because my aunt and I are too similar. Neither of us particularly likes the time it takes to cook. And as a result she has no food in the house.
  • The housekeeper cooks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but she barely started cooking (12:13pm) and I’m kinda hungry…
  • My birth certificate has my name as Adela Brigitte De Soto Menendez. This is way too long.
  • The double last name is very problematic to my life.
  • My name on my California ID takes up two lines.
  • As if having two last names weren’t complicated enough, my first last name has a SPACE in it. In people’s databases (at the bank, when I’m making a hair appointment), I can never be found because they never type my name with a space even after I’ve said it. So I have to explain to them, “D-E-SPACE-that’s important-S-O-T-O” “Ah, there’s your account.” ~No really??~
  • I had to call the bank 4x to get my name changed. My credit card had De Soto as my last name and my checking/savings account had Menendez DESPITE the fact that both cards have typed on them De Soto.
  • This led to me not having access to my credit card through online banking because the last name was different, and thus didn’t recognize me as owning both accounts.
  • My father’s last name is NOT even De Soto. It’s SOTO, non-complicated. But somehow there was a mixup at my birth and I ended up with De Soto, and also with my mother’s maiden name attached to it.
  • After getting my accounts settled online the man did something SUPER bootleg. He deleted my middle initial, B, and made my middle initials DE, and set my last name as SOTO.
  • I have a feeling I’m going to experience many struggles purchasing things online when they ask me to input my name.
  • I go by my middle name because I hate my first name getting pronounced UH-DELL-UH. UH is not my favorite sound. It’s AH-DEL-AH. ADELA, in Spanish.
  • That is why I think names like Adelaide, Adelaida, and Adelyn are all very pretty. They don’t have the dreaded UH sound.
  • My middle name is even more complicated than my first name. It’s Brigitte. NOT BRIDGET. I’m not a damn bridge. Think in French.
  • And since no one can say my middle name in French, I just go by “BRI – short just like me.”
  • That’s literally how I introduce myself to people. I keep it memorable.
  • I want to change my name to Brigitte Menendez. France and Spain, joined in perfect harmony.

Do you have anything that is super problematic to your life?