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*Please note that I am NOT getting paid to do this or any such thing. I am reviewing all these products of my own will after having purchased them at Lush. This is all for your convenience!*

It’s no secret that Lush has taken the world by storm these past couple of months what with the store opening new locations, making their much sought-after products easier to obtain. Lush is known for their amazing soaps and bath bombs (which you just plomp right in and it does amazing things to your bath water), and as of late they’re popularizing their hair products. Personally, I’m a big fan of their “Honey I Washed The Kids” and recently tried a few of their bath bombs (in which I had my very first legit bath!) and Lush has won me over.

The Lush Big Hair Affair, a limited edition kit, introduces us to one of every type of Lush hair product (except the Henna dye bars), in mini-size. It’s a pretty good deal to get you started with their products so you can decide for yourself what you like and are willing to repurchase. Each kit comes with:

1 Bottle of H’suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturizer
2 Solid Shampoo Bars
1 Jungle Solid Conditioner
1 Liquid Shampoo
1 Liquid Conditioner
1 Styling Gel

I shall now review the products that I have already tried, or otherwise speak my piece regarding my initial thoughts regarding my selection of products from this kit.

H’suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturizer – There is no choice to be made, this item is automatically included in the kit. This moisturizer is a leave-in pre-treatment for the hair used prior to shampooing. The smell is quite unique, some say it smells like salad dressing – I’ll leave the final verdict to you. I used this product early this morning and left it on, as instructed, for about 30 minutes (suggested time is 20-30), and it definitely smelled like I had product in my hair but I didn’t personally find it offensive. I even had to run a quick errand and while the smell was definitely present I didn’t feel too overly self-conscious.

The bad thing about this product is that it’s $16.45 for 7.9 oz but you may have to use half of that in one go, or for really long/thick hair, the entire jar. The sample bottle (instead of a jar) is only 1.7 oz … meaning to get the full effect you may want to use it all. The product does not spread very well which is why the large amount is needed. I focused primarly on my roots and at the top of my head where I get noticeable frizziness.

I then went into the shower to wash off the moisturizer and wow! my hair immediately felt extremely soft. This product is primarly for dry hair and/or curly hair – curly hair is naturally dry and always in need of moisture, so this product was something I was really looking forward to trying. I’d say, despite the price, it’s a pretty good product. I can’t yet say if the effects are long-lasting because it’s only been a day.

Solid Shampoo – The options for the solid shampoo are pretty extensive and probably too comprehensive for this post. The solid shampoos that I ended up getting was the Karma Komba, a best-seller from Lush, and Trichomania Shampoo. I had never heard of a solid shampoo prior to purchasing this kit and so if you haven’t either, don’t fret. The process for getting these to work is simple; first, wet your hair like you normally would, and then you can either wet the shampoo bar and lather it up in your hand or you can swipe it down the length of your hair three times (once per section of hair) and finally, lather. While I haven’t used the Solid Shampoos yet I think I’ll be lathering it in my hands and then spreading that throughout my hair as that’s what I do with liquid shampoo.

The Karma Komba claims to deep clean and detangle hair. It’s a circular shampoo that smells of natural oils. It is neither pleasing or displeasing to me, but it doesn’t catch my attention. The sample size is 15 g whereas the original shampoo is 1.9 oz for $9.25, the standard price for all their round solid shampoos. I haven’t yet tried this but I’m pretty excited to give it a go because girls with curls know the frustration of tangles!

The Trichomania solid shampoo is made of creamed coconut and is said to moisturize dry, curly hair. I’m also pretty excited about the concept of this one because it’s right up my hair’s alley. The sample size is a long small chunk that I almost can’t believe is also 15 g (if the Karma Komba is also 15 g you’ll get what I mean when you see both). The full size is a bit more expensive at $9.75, but for 3.5 oz, and like the sample size, is an odd shape.

Jungle Solid Conditioner – This item also comes with the kit without further option, but Jungle is one of their best-selling so it’s nothing to get worked up over. The sample kit’s bit is also 15 g and it smells somewhat like sweet avocado from what I can tell, and looking at the ingredients points to why. The conditioner also claims to detangle hair (which any good conditioner should do!) but also to leave straight hair shiny and curly hair bouncy. It seems very multi-purpose and sure makes a lot of claims. I’m looking forward to using this on my hair to see if it’s really all it’s cracked out to be! The regular size comes in a cylindrical shape weighing 3.5 oz for $9.95.

Liquid Shampoo – The options here are limited to Big (30 g sample) or Curly Wurly (20 g) – I spot a bit of discrimination toward the curly haired gals! While I chose Big, I also got an even smaller (free) sample of Curly Wurly to try as well. If you imagined their liquid shampoos to be like your regular shampoos, think again.Whichever one you choose, choose wisely because you get 10% off your next purchase of the full size version of the liquid shampoo of your choice.

Big claims something similar to what its name implies, and that’s volumize fine hair and add shine. I don’t have fine hair and I don’t have thick hair either, I’m just right in between so this shampoo is, first of all, not particularly suited for my hair type. I tried this product once already, right after the hair moisturizer, and immediately I felt my hair go from extremely soft to sort of dry. I could literally feel my hair thickening, or getting a bit harder, rather. The shampoo has bits of sea salt in it, but none of it got stuck in my hair my any means. The sea salt plus the lemon-lime mixture in it dried out my hair, I think. After my shower my hair felt very straw-like and stringy, but thicker. It’s somewhat difficult to explain, but I had never seen my hair have that sort of texture. I’m already not really a fan of this product, but a lot of people like it. I think if you have very fine, straight hair, this might be the product for you. I think it also did give my hair more volume, but curly haired girls likely don’t look for that as the mass of curls is already voluminous enough! I do have to say though that my scalp feels pretty clean not as oily as it normally is by end of the day. The regular size is 11.6 oz for $21.35 and don’t forget you get 10% off!

Curly Wurly is specifically for curly hair, made without any preservatives!, with its key ingredients being coconut and vanilla. I’m not really fond of the smell at all despite all the amazing ingredients. I have not yet given this product a try on my hair, but I already know for a fact that this shampoo is a lot thicker, messier, and doesn’t lather quite as much as you’d hope. It’s also quite possible that the coconut chunks can get stuck in your hair if you use too much! However, don’t let all this deter you from trying it out (I know I will tomorrow!) because this product is said to soften and relax curls, and add shine as well! This product is a lot gentler on the hair based on the ingredients so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best come tomorrow! The full size costs $19.50 for 7.8 oz, and if you choose this in your kit you also get the 10% off!

Liquid Conditioner – The choices here are again limited to two – American Cream and Veganese conditioners. Both come in 15 ml jars. I chose American Cream but also got a small sample of Veganese, and so far I’ve only tried the former. The full size of American Cream and Veganese come in 3.3 oz, 8.4 oz, or 16.9 oz bottles, costing $8.75, $17.45, and $26.65, respectively. You may also want to choose wisely on this front as you next full size purchase is also 10% off!

American Cream looks like your standard white conditioner with no extra particles floating around in it. It’s not really a liquid conditioner so much as a cream, again, sort of like regular conditioners. It smells somewhat like vanilla, but not quite so strongly as all that. The product does contain vanilla and honey and it claims to add shine, take on tangles, and remove frizz. I absolutely definitely noticed that I had hardly any tangles when combing my hair after my shower! I’m not quite sure about shine, but I also had less frizz than normal and today was a very muggy day in which I had to venture out in the fog – which is quite disastrous to the hair. I really enjoyed using this product and I’m really looking forward to using it again tomorrow with a different shampoo.

Veganese is a completely vegan product that smells strongly of lemon, but in a very wonderful way. The product looks a little bubbly, but it’s very thin and liquidy. Veganese is recommended for fine hair, which I do not have, and it claims to soften and add shine. If this product is similar to Big, I’m thinking people with dry/curly hair should not give it a whirl but I’ll be trying it out regardless. The conditioner might be too light for some, so just be aware!

Styling Gel – There are three options for styling gel: King of Mods, Goth Juice, and Big Tease for soft to moderate to strong hold. Each sample container comes with 10 g of product, plenty for quite a few uses! The full size all contain 3.5 oz but with prices varying from $16.45, $15.65, and $16.35 (soft, moderate, strong). None of their styling gels are best sellers, but I do appreciate the variety of holds!

I snatched Goth Juice simply because it’s purple, and that’s my favorite color! The smell is very interesting… it smells like what you would think gel should smell like plus what hairspray should smell like, all it one. It’s sort of like a mixture of stereotypical gel and stereotypical spray – the smells, that is. I do have to say that the smell of this will linger on your hair all day, but I sort of liked it. It defintely held my hair together all day long, but unfortunately it also gave me a a bad case of crunchies. Though, I think this may have been a mistake on my behalf because I simply scrunched this onto my hair and I’m thinking now that I should have combed it through for even application. Since my hair was a weird texture from Big, I’m thinking I’m going to give this another whirl tomorrow after trying a different combination of products!

OVERALL, my hair was completely changed today, for the better or worse, I don’t know! Big really did change the texture of my hair to something thicker and yet stiffer, too. I wasn’t pleased. Though, my hair was amazingly easy to comb through and I attribute that to the pre-treatment and the conditioner. My hair honestly felt very bouncy all day long…! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that before. As soon as my hair dried (at which point I was looking to the styling gel to start doing its thing), I realized my hair was crunchy… but only some strands! These were probably the strands with which my hands applied the most product to, so tomorrow I’ll definitely apply it more evenly and see what happens! I think I’m really impressed with all of Lush’s hair care products whether or not I liked the effect because it means they actually have the potency to do something noticeably different to my hair! I’m really looking forward to trying out some other combinations with the remaining products and finding out what works best for my hair.

Let me know if you’ve ever had any awesome (or bad!) Lush experiences. (:

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