DayJune 30, 2009

The Salon

Is greater jealousy a sign of greater love?

Questions like the one above were asked in 17th and 18th century Salons in France in which the upperclass spent their days. The question was posed to me and my classmates by my professor yesterday in my French 50BX class (literature class).

Many people are inclined to say no to the question. I think my opinion is similar, but I do believe that jealousy in moderation reaffirms a great love. Someone said, in class yesterday, that jealousy meant you didn’t trust your lover. I completely disagree with that; it assumes that jealousy gives rise to distrust and I don’t believe that’s the case. What I believe is that a little jealousy is healthy and common. It’s perfectly natural to feel like your love is yours and yours alone. That’s the purpose of marriage after all – fidelity – so why shouldn’t they be all yours? That twinge of jealousy just means you feel a sense of urgency and danger, and we are animals that feel threatened naturally.

Though I’ve never been “in love” so I can’t speak from experience about any of this. All I can ever do is make my best through-introspection guess.