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Illamasqua definitely proved amazing after trying quite a few of their products! A few products were more standout than others, but on the overall the brand is worth checking out if you’re willing to splurge on some cosmetics.

I would recommend their lipsticks and blushers if you’re just going for the best items, while the rest are mostly just nice to have.

To see how they wear in a more animated environment feel free to watch my Illamasqua Review and Tutorial!


Keep reading for swatches, and lip swatches!


Tremble blush is a gorgeous baby pink color with intense pigmentation. If you have a darker complexion and you’re used to light blushes just not showing up, there should be absolutely no problem with Illamasqua. Blushes like Nars’ Orgasm never show up on me nor did MAC’s Pink Swoon and I was going to resign myself to much brighter colored cheeks for life – but no more! You can tell the quality of pigmentation of a blush just by trying one of the lighter shades, and Tremble did not disappoint in any way. It’s very smooth in texture and has absolutely no glitter, but this is a good thing! With light reflected on these blushes it just looks very natural and light.


Panic is almost blindlingly bright in the pot and coincidentally looks like an orange-based red. While this isn’t your everyday blush (or it could be if you so choose), it actually comes on the cheeks looking more like a purple/magenta-based red. With one tap into the blush with your brush you should be ready to see the color packed on. This blush is no joke, and I’d recommend a stipple brush like MAC’s 187 or 188. The quality is astounding. Again, just so smooth and applies like a dream.

trembleswPanic, Tremble; excuse the very layered look of Tremble. As it’s light had to pack it on for the photo


Preen powder shadow was by far the most disappointing item out of the bunch. First, the eyeshadow is matte, which makes it more versatile and appropriate for anyone of all ages. The color pay-off, though, was poor. The first time I used this shadow I literally had to apply 6 layers to get it to look like the color in the pan, and that was with a primer. The second time I figured the shadow needed something to adhere to so I used a primer and a similar-colored base underneath. The color stuck! There was absolutely no fall out when I used a base, luckily. The shadow is very smooth, but I just can’t see it being worth $20 when you need so many other products to get it to work. Few people want to sit there and apply so many products or else apply so many layers. I’m not sure if the quality amongst the shadows vary, but I’ll likely be returning this item.

preenswatchPreen eyeshadow

glossesRouse sheer lipgloss, Indulge intense lipgloss

Rouse sheer lipgloss is just as the name implies – very sheer. I can see the hint of color the gloss brings to my lips but it’s nothing dramatic. I did pick the lightest shade of pink gloss available and this could be why the color is so sheer. Illamasqua does have brighter colors and I’m very open to giving some of those a try! The glosses have a wonderful smell to them, too, but have no taste. If you’re looking for a high-shine inobtrusive gloss this will be right up your alley. The color selection is pretty good for a new brand as well. The sheer gloss, as it’s a typical gloss in texture is a bit sticky, but nothing uncomfortable.

Indulge intense lipgloss is more of a matte or satin finish stain than anything. The intense glosses aren’t very glossy despite the name, but are extremely pigmented for sure! A light layer can be applied if you don’t want so neon or bright a color, and then a thicker layer of the gloss for the full-on color. The selection of colors is a bit more limited. Honestly, this feels like putting on a very creamy version of a lipstick more than anything. If your lips are not fully exfoliated this might settle into fine lines. The intense glosses also have that same fruity amazing smell. The intense glosses aren’t sticky in the least!

Rouse sheer lipgloss, Indulge intense lipgloss

Rouse sheer l/g

Indulge intense l/g


Howl lipstick is a creamy matte deep true red lipstick. It feels like a dream to wear like it just becomes your own lip color. It’s not heavy at all and just sinks into your lips. In the photos they look a little orange-based but in person it just looks very true red, at least on me. Illamasqua lipsticks are amazing, that’s for sure! For a matte lipstick, it doesn’t really settle into fine lines, but since there’s no shine or gloss, doesn’t hide them either. As for the smell it very much reminds me of the lipsticks my mother used to wear, and your mother used to wear. It’s the most classic lipstick smell ever – and I really recommend the lipsticks! Howl is my new lip love!

Howl l/s, Rouse l/g



Glint & Burnish Bronzing Duo looks very shimmery in the pan which can be off-putting but honestly the little shimmery bits come on the face very smoothly and evenly to create a reflection when the light hits it, but in the prettiest way. That being said, the light side, called Glint, is a bit too subtle for my taste. It’s almost impossible to tell where it’s being placed on the skin except for the fact that if you put too much it will start looking powdery (and as my skin is dry) accentuate dryness. The contouring side, though, is pretty dark if applied fluffy and dense brush like the 109. Don’t be afraid to pack on the dark side, though, if you use a less dense brush! This item is really just very nice to have, but not by any means the best contouring duo I’ve seen.

Glint, Burnish


Fern and Unnatural nail polish are both so amazing! Neither are streaky and apply evenly. I’d say it takes about a coat and a half to get full nail coverage – that’s how great these are! Fern is really a vibrant sky blue color that’s very pretty for the spring and summer months. Unnatural is a very dark, deep burgundy red running a little brown. The bottles are very simple, but get the job done. While I can’t say they’re amazingly better than brands like China Glaze or OPI for the money, these are a high-end treat actually worthwhile.


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