Lush Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

LUSH offers a wide range of products such as bath bombs, bubble bars, liquid shampoos, shampoo bars, soaps, skin care creams, hair care products, massage bars, body butters, foot care products, face masks, gift sets and much more. All products are natural, vegetarian (or vegan), handmade and cruelty free.

Lush Bath Bombs are a bath-lovers dream! These products erupt in a surprising and fun fizz, scenting your bath water with natural essential oils and the occasional extra something. And by that I mean that I’ve dropped my bath bomb to find an explosion of pink, or orange water with a lot of hearts or even butterflies! Bath bombs really make the experience well worth it. I don’t think I can take another bath without using some kind of Lush product now just because I’ve been spoiled.


In fact, I’m pretty much a bath newbie! I can count how many times I’ve taken a relaxing bath on one hand. I was given a few bath bombs and bubble bars for free at a Lush grand opening party and have, since then, been enjoying them! So like I said, now I’ve been spoiled because my first experience was with a shower of pink and red hearts in my bath! There’s nothing quite as fun as that.

Well, except maybe bubbles!

Lush also makes Bubble Bars! These are solid bars that can be crushed under your running bath water while you fill in the tub. The solid form of bath bubbles is a Lush invention, in fact, which is pretty cool! These contain no preservatives that damage the environment or any harsh surfactants to irritate the skin. Best of all, they make your water really soft and soothing while releasing some nice scents.


At one point I’m pretty sure I mixed a bubble bar and bath bomb and it worked out really nicely!

Since I was a bath newbie it took me a few tries to bring everything I needed into the bath! Here’s what I take into the bathroom with me now:

  • Music! It can be anything from your iHome to your phone on the side playing tunes.
    Soothing soft music works best to get you relaxed. I play a bit of Death Cab For Cutie or sometimes even Classical! (iTunes has some great selection)
  • Book! or Magazine if you’re more inclined.
    You’re really going to be sitting there for quite a while and I find this is the best time to get some pages read of whatever you’re currently into. (As always, Amazon finds me the best prices on books)
  • Candles!
    This really changes the ambiance of your bath, but be careful not to get overly scented candles that can affect the scent of your bath bomb or bubble bar.
  • Towel!
    Believe it or not, the first time I took a bath my towel was a bit too far away… don’t forget this essential.

I would recommend taking a shower or before your bath, depending, so don’t forget the soap~

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  1. Thanks for the post. Yeah, this product is magnificent! I have never enjoyed such things before nd nowI understand how much I missed…It is a real pleasure for you and for your body!!!

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