MonthSeptember 2009

Crush Worth Noting

Every time I see his beautiful smile or those baby blues I lose my breath. There’s a sweet loss of air and an extra heart palpitation to try to restore functioning to my body. I always go after the unattainable guy. Brb, fanning myself.

Matt Lanter plays Liam in the new 90210.



He can do the whole messy/preppy look and the clean/sexy look. I’ll take him any which way~ It’s very difficult to express the appeal without getting speechlessness caught in my throat. I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say I can hardly breathe just looking at him. Now… who knows what his personality is like? Hahahaha.

Light the Incense

Usually there’s something worth moping about. My classic black Oxford booties are gorgeous, make me taller, and provide a chic menswear-inspired feminine touch to my life. They make me feel like an adult. And that’s what I’ve wanted all my life. My apartment exudes the most wonderful energy. My legs are buttery smooth (as a random side note of goodness). Paramore’s new album, ‘brand new eyes’ makes me want to dance, but so does everything else. I feel like an adult. This is dramatic and HUGE. I finally feel at home.

There are no better words to describe what I mean.

Let’s enjoy life.

This Heat

It’s making me nervous how every day feels the same
Meet my phantoms, they never seem to want to go away
So they stay

There have been several real-life to-my-face complaints regarding my blog as of late. Those that have stumbled back to my blog have started asking me why I’m not writing anything with personal denotations. Technically, my entries had personal connotations thrown in, but this seems to not be enough for anyone. I wasn’t sure anyone cared, I wasn’t sure I wanted to write. Scratch that, I was still writing so as not to forget the existence of my blog, but personal matters are the furthest from my mind when it comes to writing right now because it’s what I deal with on the daily.

I found a good place for everyone I know to come and rest
All I ever wanted is for everyone I know to come and rest
Meet my Phantoms

Officially, my third year of college starts in a week and a half though I’ve been a junior for many months now. I’m still very much confused about school but the best action is inaction; I continue to unquestioningly enroll and attend my classes despite not liking the direction I am headed. Given recent developments I want to come back home, take a break from school… do something real. Let’s not get hasty, though. Inaction is the best action.

How’s your body, how clean is your soul?
Why are you trying to steal my thoughts before they talk?
Fall right in, let’s talk Maurice
If everything’s fine, then what are you waiting for?

Summer flew me by. Many problems arose. Lots of hangs went down. Transient accomplishments. Vague emotions. Music discoveries. And a heavy dose of forced independence.

Let’s end with: A strong sense of helplessness.

(It’s all about waiting it out.)