You can see that life’s for us to talk about.

winter_memorie_by_valyeszterWinter Memorie by Valyeszter

What is the difference between the person that loves to share absolutely every moment of their life and the person that absolutely refuses to provide any details pertaining to the moments in their life?

I can’t say that most people will fall into either category, but it’s likely that you lean in one direction. Like most everything in my life, I have a tendency to fall smack dab in one extreme or another. And in a sense I fall into both extremes of the question I pose.


  • I antagonize everyone.
  • Without meaning to, I am always defensive.
  • Emotions feel more meaningful to me when they are private, and secret. The moment you share, it is no longer your emotion but a distribution of emotions in a vast expansive world. (I mean, have you ever told someone how happy you were for X and they can’t seem to understand your extreme sentiment over such a small instance?) An emotion means more to you than to anyone else.

Silence expresses so much more than noise.

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