Fall Right In

Hold my breath ’till communication is only just a test.

This week… in review. No, I’m not sad about it. I’m bordering on ambivalence to be perfectly honest. Should I be upset or feel foolish? Probably a bit of both, hence the ambivalence. Theme of the week: humility. Never presume anything.

WORK. Oh goodness, I love working. Going to work brings such joy to my life! There’s the strutting into Lush where the amazing smell of handmade natural soap is intoxicating. There’s the serious walk into Sephora and pushing that back door inward with a face full of fierce ass makeup. Time flies at both Lush and Sephora, in the most amazing way. There isn’t any pressure to “look” busy because there’s actually shit to do (and I feel good doing these things). By the end of the day, when I’m coming back home I just feel accomplished and pumped to hang out with friends after a day at WORK, yannoe. It’s that youthful feeling of maturity (but I doubt that makes any effing sense, except to me).

I always do so much better when I’m able to BALANCE more than one thing at a time. School. Work. Work. Friends. It’s like routine, with a twist. After a day of work you come home and then people wanna hang and so that goes on late into the night, and the days feel so much longer, more productive. By comparison before it’d be sitting at home watching TV (doing nothing) and then friends come over to hang (and you do more nothing together). So now that latter non-productivity feels merited because I went to WORK. Most definitely, working equals to independence and maturity – two things I obsess over remarkably.

This shall be the season of GLITTER. (:

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