“You always come home from work in such a happy mood.”

Damn right. I love my jobs!

And I love my family so damn much. Every time we send emails to one another I can feel how close we all are, and how much we really appreciate each other. Don’t get me wrong, we have our share of tough times, but for some reason that doesn’t even matter in the long run.

And o hai to anonymous commenter from my previous entry: This is a blog all about me. Bad as my writing may be, undoubtedly by definition my blog must be self-indulgent. This is a personal weblog, durrr. (: K, bai.

Rain changes things. Some suddenly want to snuggle. Some want to dance in the rain. Some now want to stay indoors. Some become lonely. Some feel like walking past that special spot where you first met. Some feel like crying.

My bedroom is very warm right now. We keep the heater on, the windows closed, the candles lit, the incense burning, the blankets ready.

Sin ti mi corazón
Es un abismo tan profundo como el mar
Y un segundo es una eternidad
Como para no estar junto a ti

Music in foreign languages is so beautiful.

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