Take a sip.

I just want to jot down a few things.

  • I fell asleep 20 minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve.
  • I fell asleep because I’ve been sick forever, and had a sinus headache. Mom gave me Benadryl. I completely knocked out.
  • Supposedly, Mom tried waking me up at midnight, but I have no recollection of this.
  • One of my aunts passed around money in a circle until the money ran out, to all those awake.
  • So, I missed out.
  • For the first time in my life, I think I got pink eye. Maybe? It was caused by contact irritation and then me poking my contacts. D:
  • It went away in 2 days.
  • I still went to work because I don’t think it was the contagious kind and there were no signs of my eye ailment except for pain.
  • Cherry l/l and Howl l/s = major compliments.
  • I asked a professor to let me enroll in a graduate level course in which she would be accepting only 4 undergrads.
  • She let me enroll…! Simultaneously excited and scared.
  • The reading list is aaaaamazing! But there are like 10 novels. A novel a week… brb panicking!
  • I did not watch 150 movies last year… which is a bummer. I only got to 130.
  • This year will be the 4th year in a row I’m going to attempt 150 movies. 2 of those 3 years I made and surpassed the 150 mark.
  • Alas, at this crucial end-of-year winter break time I have 2 jobs so movies took a back seat for a while.
  • Foreign movies are so my cup of tea.
  • I just finished watching Hors de prix and now I’m watching How To Marry A Millionaire (Marilyn Monroe). Trend? Hah!
  • During break I started so many blog entries and hardly published any of them.
  • I’m so excited to turn 21 so I can ~finally~ try wine!
  • I have never had any alcohol!!!
  • Personally, I need something to look forward to in life or else I feel restless.
  • I try to get my hair colored every 3 months, but for 2 years I didn’t have any dark hair color.
  • Last week Tuesday I got my hair a very dark chocolate brown with slight reddish undertones that are barely detectable except under the sun.
  • Ever since I was a young gal I really enjoyed watching Channel 18 where they would air Bollywood music videos and Asian dramas.
  • Today, many many years later from those days, I am ~so~ into Bollywood movies! Asian movies! French movies!
  • Foreign is so so so much better.
  • For my 21st birthday I’m going to Paris! (:

So much for a few…! This entry took me several days to write just because I can very rarely sit down without multi-tasking. Then time runs out and I go do something else before finishing any entry.

My resolution for this year — and it’s actually going to be pretty tough — is to stop antagonizing people! And perhaps try to get back into the blog scene. I miss habitually reading people’s blogs and keeping up with the online community. Unfortunately I did not watch 150 movies this past year so I have to step up my game this year and get ahead so by the end of 2010 I don’t have to scramble.

Exciting stuff coming this way for 2010!

Take a sip, and keep it classy! Exude positive energy!! (:

3 thoughts on “Take a sip.

  1. 150 movies?!?! Wow, I am no where near that. Maybe 20 or 30 a year at most? OOooh I did watch How to Marry a Millionaire on the plane to Switzerland. It was quite an enjoyable movie. Have fun in Paris and good luck with everything!
    .-= Thao´s last blog ..Happy Holidays! =-.

  2. Aww you were very close to your goal so thats almost as good as 150 movies! 🙂
    haha I still can’t believe you feel asleep before midnight, thats awkward to the max. Awkward turtle.

    Yeah I cannot wait to see your new fabulous dark hair tomorrow !!

  3. I’ve been watching foreign movies lately myself. Let’s be netflix buds! Any recs?

    Oooh, chocolate brown with reddish undertones? NICE! You’ve got to put pictures up.

    I myself, just got a hair cut …just thinned it out but kept the length, so its mullet-y but feminine. Haha *Keeping the length because I actually want to grow my hair long. But it was beginning to look poofy because it was the same length for the most park — thus making it STILL look like a short bob. But now, it actually looks longer when you thin out with layers.

    Deller, if you start to blog more often, I will too! Lets help each other. (Blogging is one of those things that’s always in the back of my mind, feel like i NEED to do, but never do). Ugh. We needa like text reminding each other to blog! Hahah.

    Paris!? That’s freggin amazing!!!

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