Busy Bee

This upcoming week is going to be ridiculously busy. I feel that in order to remember all the things that I need to do, I should write them down. I am most certainly forgetful, and I can’t afford to forget anything this week.

  • Tuesday morning/evening/depending with whom I switch shifts at work – TAILOR. ASAP. Or I won’t have a dress to wear Saturday night.
  • Essay for English 103A due Thursday, March 4th.
  • I have to go buy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And read it.
  • Write an essay on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, due Thursday, March 4th. (What a waste of time.)
  • Write three short essays for Phil 150B, due Monday, March 8th. But ahead of time as I will have no time this weekend.
  • Write a letter about Engl 50. Get signature. MUSTMUSTMUST. ASAPASAP. I keep forgetting… this is the most important thing.
  • Ask Finaid how to return money I don’t need that I borrowed, for upcoming quarter.
  • Go to EOP and show receipts for contact lenses, so I can get credited back.
  • Switch shifts with either Trish or KK for Saturday. Find someone to cover my Sunday shift.
  • Feel a little bit poorer because I will have less hours this week due to travel. Boooo. 🙁
  • If time allows, make an appointment to take a very important test. SCHEDULED.
  • Find a subleaser for my apartment, for the summer.
  • Sign lease for house I’m renting for next year. Ensure that I have enough money to fund deposit.
  • Remember to sleep, breathe, and drink water. I don’t drink enough water lately. D: I’ve been very dehydrated.
  • Email/call Elizabeth… I got your email, girl. I’m getting to it. But your email requires time… we gotta talk. I’ll try to find time.
  • Text Giselle. We’re getting out of touch. I know we’re trying… I’m sorry, it’s really my fault. ):
  • Text/call Justine. Never got to tell her how much I appreciated her coming up to visit me, and how much fun I had.
  • Ask Nefi what’s up. Lol… haaaaay girl.
  • Remember to turn 21 on Monday. Srsly, such BUSY WORK just to remember this little tid bit. ughhh.

Not going to lie… I am a LITTLE stressed out about how I’m going to get all this stuff done in one week. My time is already severely limited as it is. I’m working on my birthday (I didn’t really bother to ask for the day off), and with everything that’s going on, I kind of wish it weren’t happening so soon… I’m TOO busy. It’s cramping my busy lifestyle, having a birthday. Vegas this weekend. Geezus, it just sounds like one more thing on my list of things to do rather than a celebration.

Too many essays. I am freaking OUT. Though I have to admit I’m pretty happy, because aside for one essay in Engl 103A, all my essays have gotten A’s or A+’s. (: Should I add on to my list, “don’t forget how to write”??? Seriously, it’s such WORK, but thank goodness it comes “easy” to me (not easy, but I do it well…. write, I mean). Oh goodness, but my writing on my blog is not at all indicative of how I WRITE. This is like scribble scrabble, yannoe? NOTES. Quick and dirty.

Let me get some sleep…!

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