MonthMarch 2010

Music Monday

It’s been a really long time since I’ve given a really good listen to some new music. So today I took it upon myself to listen to:

  • Dance Gavin Dance
  • Harvard
  • Animal Collective
  • Portugal. The Man
  • Lovedrug
  • As Tall As Lions

It’s been a great dayyyy for music. Too bad I lost my iPod in Las Vegas this weekend. It’s fine, whatever… all my music is on my computer. But I’ll need to get a new one soon. I’ll only last so long without my iPod, especially since I got a car for my birthday. Brand new beautiful car. (: K, that is all for today.

Blue sky noise.

Ohne dich kann ich nicht leben. Ich vermisse dich. Ich bin verliebt. Es ist schwer zu atmen. Ist es nicht wert, es zu versuchen. Behalten Sie mich aus meinem Kopf.

I can’t get started from the part where I left off yesterday
Should have spent my time a little wiser
I sat alone
Guilty as sin
Waiting for words to come
From out of my head
Still making sense to anyone

I can’t wait to understand the reason
I’ve yet to translate any meaning
Besides, it’s not worth it to try