They’re gonna eat me alive, if I stumble.

Thus far I have written six essays on cannibalism, and I need to get to reading so I can start my seventh. And then I have to write a ten-page paper on cannibalism. At this point, cannibalism has lost all its meaning and I can hardly stand it. I at least get to quote Metric on my blog title, right? (: Haven’t listened to this song in a ~while~ except now I hear it’s all over the radio. Radio is stupid and way behind on the music scene.

Last night I had champagne, red wine, vodka, tequila, and beer. Lmfao… so I wait 21 years to drink right…? And soon as I turn there’s like a fucking platter of all the alcoholic drinks I can have right in front of me and I dive in. Not gonna lie, I experienced drunk-ness for the first time, but I didn’t do anything I wouldn’t have done sober. I already dance like no tomorrow without alcohol. So whatever.

High points: Mom and Aunt surprising me and treating myself and friends to dinner at Ca Dario downtown; Getting some CRAZY ass lapdances from Moonie, Sebastian, and David; I do recall Seb asking me, “do you like it?” while running my arm down his body (I couldn’t stop laughing); my fave lapdance was Moonie’s… awkward!; having a real talk with Sandy and Rona (I guess difference is… I actually talk when I drink — woah woah).

Low points: Working for six hours on my birthday; Crashing my aunt’s Mercedes in a tiny street just before work (urghhhhh); almost crying at work because I fucked up; borrowing my Mom’s BMW (it’s awful to drive… yeah, it’s convertible, but the steering wheel is really heavy/stiff and hard to move, the brakes are too sensitive [I barely press down and the car is practically stopped already], and being UNABLE to see anything because of the design of the car). Not many people would whine and complain about a BMW, but uhm… it’s very frustrating as a driver to switch cars like that (though I did mess up big time), and really disliking the way the new car drives.

Vegas with family, family friends, and friends this upcoming weekend!!!!! (; WOOT WOOT WOOT. SOOOO EXCITING.

TODAY… 8-hour work day. I hadn’t eaten breakfast when I got to work but I was still suprisingly in a good mood. And I went above and beyond for clients today. It was just a good-mood work day. But soon as I had to drive back home, I got in a bad mood because driving the BMW really absofreakinglutely frustrates me. So now I’m just grumpy… D:

There is way too much going on these days. I feel tense, like I work tomorrow or something and don’t have enough time, but I don’t work any more days this week. Thank god, because hw-galore.

Re-reading my entry, I realize I’m sort of sad… despite the excitement. ): I feel very… resigned to failure or something. Yadda yadda.


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