Resolution and Smiles

How funny that a simple change in atmosphere makes me so much more at ease. I love this feeling, and for over three months I have not felt such comfort. Yes, I’m feeling an overwhelming amount of appreciation and love and friendship that the people I’m currently hanging out with would probably just laugh at how much I cherish them at this very moment. For THREE months I have not felt any comfort, no desire to talk or socialize.

Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t mention my beautiful white Michael Kors watch. And that makes me feel like my purchase is completely warranted and a total staple item in my wardrobe. I mean, it’s been converted into my everyday watch, that’s for sure. At some point, I’ll need to switch it up though so that this watch doesn’t ever get “old” in my or anyone else’s eyes.

Resolution: Visit Brian in Kyoto, Japan next year.  Definitely, this will require a biiig savings… but I can do it! If I resolve to go sometime in early 2011, I think it’s definitely manageable, just before I start looking for jobs and after I graduate. Graduation: December. So this is a realistic goal, I think.

I definitely have another essay to write tonight, this one a 6-pager. The prompt is up to me, which is not the best thing to be honest. I rather have a predetermined question that I can just answer straightaway. Good thing this isn’t due until midnight. I can do it, I just rather get it done sooner than later. And yet, that is why I am here procrastinating… hm.

Whoops… forgot to publish this at 12:30am this morning so now… 11 hours later, it’s published! (:

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