Following in my mother’s footsteps

My mother likes to tell stories; she has a really great memory and talks about the past like it were yesterday. One particular story she’s shared a few times explains her passion for shoes. Before she came to America my family lived in Guatemala (that’s in Central America, folks), and so my mother attended elementary and middle school there. One particular day she couldn’t find her pair of shoes, or found only one – something like that. Education is a privilege in these parts and so school was not to be missed; my mother also only owned one pair of shoes back then. So, unable to find her shoes my grandmother made my mother walk to school – without shoes. The streets over there, at least then and in the small village my mom lived, were not paved to the extent streets in America are and in fact are made of rocks. Embarrassed by this moment in her life, my mom jokes that to ensure she is never without shoes again she must continually buy shoes… Haha! While I don’t buy that reason the story remains in my memory always and suddenly I am taking after my mother with my passion for shoes!

In my little heart I have a soft spot for Noir Victorian lace, booties, oxfords, etc., and maybe you can tell a little from some of my current shoe lusts but… NUDE and COGNAC colors are definitely infiltrating my dreams. I noticed a lot of my wardrobe consists of jewel tone colors and I associate that with a child’s wardrobe. NUDE, WHITE, HEATHER GREY, BLUSH PINK – these are all colors I associate with chic women. And so the goal now is to slowly donate, or otherwise gift a lot of the clothes I currently own to make room for a new kind of wardrobe.

If I had all the money in the world I’d get myself some o’ these:

Jeffrey Campbell Charli Platform Clog

Sam Edelman Zoe Wedge Bootie

Aldo Nold Wedge bootie

Aldo Mignogna Wedge Heel

Aldo Narain Oxford High Heel Bootie

Aldo Destime Platform Heel

Miu Miu White Round-Toe Lattice Pumps

Topshop “Super High Platform” shoe circa 2007 πŸ™ I’d die to get a hold of these!

Finsk Suede Wedge

4 thoughts on “Following in my mother’s footsteps

  1. That’s a pretty interesting family story and most definitely a good reason to buy more shoes! πŸ˜€

    I love the Aldo Destime Platform Heel and the Aldo Narain Oxford High Heel Bootie. The color is just stunning!

  2. your blog is so pretty! i have a soft spot in my heart for nude shoes…love those cream JC Charli’s but worry that I would be able to keep them clean. πŸ™‚

  3. I read your tweets wth Michele1218 and I totally agree…I mean, when YT gurus can take compliments wth a smile, can’t they take constructive criticism like ‘the foundation is pale’ or ‘under eyes are too white’ wth equal sportiness…
    Why do they always need someone to massage their egos….They appears thankful to people on YT but are always gossiping on twitter..making fun of them….
    Its random ramble I knw…you can delete it…

  4. I’m actually selling the Jeffrey Campbell clogs and the Aldo Narain Oxfords, whats your size? if you’re interestesd please contact me thru my tumblr:

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