DayAugust 30, 2010

Making of ‘Love, ChloĆ©’ Fragrance

I’m super sensitive to fragrances. They give me a headache, as do most synthetic smells (super strong candles, oils, etc.). And I get fragrances for free at work. But never use them. That may all change. Of course I’d never buy a fragrance blind but this looks so promising. I’m sartorially in love with this image that the are creating for the fragrance. CAMEL CAPE. High-waisted trousers. Classic. I wish I were this woman. This is the style I wish I had. It’s very minimal but yet so professional and so chic.


Stella McCartney A/W 10/11

My dream style is definitely something between Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney. Stella provides something far more feminine than the former, but the clothes is always so flawless and minimalistic. From this show I loved the sheer tail dresses, the nude/neutral pumps, the grey on grey, and the tapered trousers.



Mary-Kate is definitely a style icon, no doubt about it. Her style intrigues me more than Ashley’s for some reason as well. This video is super funnnn. It brought a smile to my face.