DaySeptember 22, 2010

Likes and Personal Style

I sometimes feel that my personal style and what I like/love are sometimes different only because the former is about finding out what looks best on. I’m 5 feet, with the slight chance of 5’1″ but doubtful. So what looks best on a tall lanky model will not always looks good on me. And they’re thin, I’m not. But I’m so in love with oversized blazers, knits, and funky shaped things. But the fact is that I would probably look like I’m drowning in an article of clothing that’s oversized. Oh goodness but I am soooo enamored with this look from Filippa K:

That is one beautiful looking wool blazer. Except if I wore it I would look like a) I were going in to an office job b) probably look like I’m wearing an oversized wool dress. That 100% silk blouse just looks so amazing the way it is messily tucked but still gives off an air of “done up” because it is a button up blouse. And those PANTS. So casual, yet so chic. And they look incredibly soft, and a little bit loose.