DaySeptember 30, 2010

Behold Futuristic Brilliance

So I said I wasn’t going to talk about Spring collections – I just wasn’t in the mood. And then a heat wave struck Southern California… so the spring collections are quite refreshing.

Gareth Pugh refused to show a traditional live runway at his spring show instead opting for a breathtaking video showcasing his work. The video manages to capture so much more. There is a feeling accompanied by his clothing, a world he has created. During those 11 minutes I wanted to breath in that world and become one with it. The feeling just overtook me. It was not so obviously fashion, so obviously clothing. There was a lifestyle, a world in which the fashion just melded right in. The music was a little Mortal Kombat, but in the best way (I’m a fan of the old game, not going to lie). The world was very futuristic and cyber kinetic; yet, the clothing was far from the typical rigidity associated with the future. The prints were tribal and the cloths were airy gossamer contraptions. My mind was blown.