October will be the month in which I will not buy a single unnecessary thing. I do not have need for anything else at the moment. Already in September I managed to cut down significantly on the amount of money I spent eating out and believe me, it’s felt really good saving! SAVING is becoming increasingly important to me right now considering that I am freaking out regarding paying rent come the new year…! When I graduate there won’t be very much financial aid … in fact, none. At this point I am thinking of moving back home and taking a job near there. It’s not set in stone but if my aunt secured a secretarial job for me at her company I would feel a lot safer and more stable. Working for Sephora is not working in my favor at the moment; sure, I get a lot of free things but the hours are so minimal! If Sephora would agree to transfer me to the Cerritos Sephora that would be amazing as a fall back plan to coming back home and working on the weekends there. Before I reach graduation I already feel the surmounting pressure. Things will work out. I worry needlessly over the future. You know I used to STRESS OUT and suffer from ANXIETY at the thought that I would not be able to master the art of driving a car? And now I own my car…! And it’s brand new, it’s beautiful, and I certainly know how to drive it. I leaped past a life hurdle and survived. I will survive this job crisis. Despite the fact that there are no jobs available on the market right now, I will eventually find some sort of job. My future depends on it.

Eating out should be a luxury reserved for 1-2x a week at ~most~ as opposed to 2x a day. But sometimes I wonder if going to the market is cheaper after all… so much food goes bad before it can be eaten! Or it sits there forever… and I never know what to use it for. I have one big shelf full of┬ácondiments┬áthat I have purchased over time because I needed them for ONE recipe and never used it again. Such a waste. So for September I worked very hard on forcing myself not to eat out when it occurred to me that it would be so much easier to do so. For about a week and a half I lived off of toasted bread with jam/peanut butter/cheese/or butter and nectarines. Seriously. All the food I have in the pantry and in the fridge must GO. It must be eaten before I will allow myself to go to the market again. There is no sense in buying MORE when I already HAVE even though the foodstuff I possess is so much more bland than a good and fast take out meal. Cooking should be a priority. Cook in bulk, freeze, and take to go. Too bad I rarely think of recipes… I don’t really get so creative with cooking, not yet anyway. I need to figure out how to cook things I like.

So despite loving all the things I see left and right I cannot shop. It does not bring me extra happiness… just more time is wasted in trying to fit all these things somewhere! And the thrill of the hunt isn’t really a thrill… it’s anxiety, panic, and full of numbers and calculations on finding the best deal, etc. etc.! The things that are available should still be available after October. I have stay in the mind frame of SAVING.

If only the 365 Blog theme for the month of October were saving. Instead it’s PLAY. For months, I have not participated because the topics do not coincide with what is going on in my mind.

2 thoughts on “OCTOBER NO BUY

  1. For veggies, freezing is the best way to go when you’re only cooking for yourself and not a whole family. I know what you mean about food going bad. I feel like I waste so much food because I just can’t use them in time. You probably have to do a weekly meal plan and make a list of things you need for the week only and work with what you have.

    For basics, I found Startcooking.com to be really helpful. I download their free videos onto my ipod and use it to help me in the kitchen.

    Yeah, I dread thinking about the day when I graduate and must start paying back my student loans. Good luck with the job hunt.

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