Quarter Down

A week has passed and I have not made any unnecessary purchases. This is getting serious. It’s like this… boiling pot of water trying to burst out from under the top. I desperately wanted the Marc by Marc Jacobs moleskine that came out for Barney’s Co-Op 25th anniversary or some such thing. It’s $30… priced significantly higher than a regular moleskine. Now, I did lose my precious red one and have since lost much hope in finding it. Yet, what knocked me into my senses was the $5 shipping. Lmao, I’m one of those people that will refuse to pay for shipping because if the item does not fit… and I return the item, I have still lost out on money with NOTHING to show for it. Anyway, $35 for an item that I can get for about half the price… is a rip-off no matter whose name is on the cover. And then I looked at the moleskine again and the “scribbles” look so careless and are not of any particular design. Much more classic is a plain ol’ moleskine. Ugh, now if only I could find my red one!!

I already know I’m bound to fail this no-buy thing because I plan on purchasing one little thing soon. It’s sort of special, even though it’s used… and small. But I’m very excited about it. I still have about 4 days to think about it… hah!

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