If You Give Your Hand To Me


This picture makes me very happy. From my lavender nail polish, to my Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring in Turquoise, to the size of my wrist.

My Uncle George used some LARGE vintage sunnies that lift up and connected a Nano on it… so perfect for running, am I right? It’s totally no fuss, just get up and go. I’ve requested one from him, heehee… hopefully he’ll make another for Christmas. This is Diego sporting the music sunnies.

Here I’m rocking my pink! Zara pants and wearing one of my most comfortable shoes… the Jeffrey Campbell Lita in distressed leather. Whenever I wear these, I never want to take them off. This was my last hang with Moonie and Daniel.

This is my bedroom at my house in Goleta (house closest to my college campus). This space brings me a lot of comfort and joy. And while it doesn’t compare to my spaces at my mother’s or my aunt’s houses, I love it nonetheless because I decorated it myself.

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