Split Decision

The month is halfway over. Fifteen days have gone by and I have not purchased anything. I’ve been DYING to buy oversized comfortable sweaters. It’s all I want to wear, and alas… I do not own any!! Despite saying that I would possibly buy one little thing I decided to hold out and go against buying it. I still think about the item but I am not going to give in for anything until the month is over. And very likely I’m going to have to extend this no-buy into November. DYING. When I went to Las Vegas two months ago I bought a comfy long wool-y cardigan from H&M and said it was going to be my go-to winter sweater. I’ve been using it a lot but there is still room for a few more sweaters in my life.

I don’t even have very many within-reach sweaters in mind to buy; haven’t even been on the look out so as not to test my strength of will. The two sweaters I’m dying for are $400 and $600, respectively. Ugh lol. Yeah, not buying them. But dare to dream.

Unfortunately, my money has now started going towards alcohol. Lmaooo. This has been one CRAZZZZZY week, not going to lie. Celebrated Nefi’s birthday on Wednesday and then that turned into some crazy hang… all details excluded.

My one wish at the moment is that the Chloe ankle boots for $850 go on sale by the time I go to New York in December… and they will be my big splurge. *fingers crossed*

Spent my morning with some hot chocolate and reading, in my backyard. I have owned Eros for so very long and finally I am giving in to reading it. The author Anne Carson includes some of the best quotes and poems in it, all while philosophizing and explaining the concept of Eros. I also played one of the albums by To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie and other haunting music, all while reading.

Time to finally start my day. Movies, some church thing Moonie wants to go to, pick up David, and then partyyyy.

One thought on “Split Decision

  1. Wow, that’s pretty good self-control in shopping. I feel like November is a tricky month because of Black Friday, which is great for stocking up on basics and simple stuff. But perhaps December will have better sales for clothes…

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