DayOctober 19, 2010


If I thought my Wednesday night was awkward and CRAZY as hell… my FRIDAY night was quite possibly the most bizarre and traumatizing drunken night of my life. I talked about it with two people and resolved that it didn’t make a difference discussing it. What’s done is done, c’est la vie. These people didn’t really have much to contribute on the subject either, there just isn’t much to say about it. But DAMN… I really want to thank Edward for waiting for me that Friday night. And I want to apologize to David for vomiting on his bed sheets at 3 in the morning. But I soaked his sheets and washed them three damn times…! Still, disaster. I am ready to move on from last week.

Oh and I’ve been sick since Thursday. Work on Sunday HURT. Like physical pain, my body hurts all over, I can barely breathe and my voice is nearly gone kind of pain. And I was there all day. I’m still sick, but recuperating. Funny thing… two of the people I was hanging out with on Wednesday are also sick right now. Maybe a coincidence or maybe someone was SICK around us and spread it everywhere. D:

There’s nothing I love more than GREY. Grey t-shirts are the best thing… quite possibly ever. I organized my wardrobe by color and I feel such great joy looking at all my grey t-shirts… yet I feel a very strong desire for more of them.

In other news, I’m getting by with my aviator shearling jacket from ASOS and my wool-y long cardi from H&M… though still craving sweaters. And now I’ve added two pairs of shoes to my ever-growing wish list. I really should focus on what I already own in my closet…

I resolved last week that I would not hold back… too many years I’ve spent in silence not saying a word. The silence has been deafening. But now that I have decided to speak I find I waited too long and no one is willing to listen. Maybe people don’t expect me to speak. It’s so hard keeping this resolve when… all I want to do is shut down again and vow silence forever and ever. The quiet is altogether so much more comforting. And I don’t want to cry.