STOP. Tell me the truth.

I need you more than you know. Not letting go.

Yes, I am listening to The Jonas Brothers. My music taste knows no bounds. From experimental CocoRosie to Crystal Castles to Muse to Circa Survive to Jonas Brothers to Willow Smith. I don’t even know.

I have no idea what I am doing for Halloween. This is going to be my last Halloween in Isla Vista. Think of it this way: you will see EVERYONE on the streets in full out crazy costumes. I have no costume ideas and nothing to wear. My costumes are always so last minute… fail.

And okay so I’m a year late but I’m ridiculously annoyed and upset that one of my favorite bands split. My American Heart just had this sound… it made me want to dance. Perfect driving music. Super fun live. UGH! How something so good can just suddenly be gone makes me really sad.


I’m back at my computer. Writing essay #3 of 5. Midterms week sucks. I’m now listening to German industrial Musik.


This entry isn’t really going anywhere. Worked all day. I was smiling like a fool all day long… The sun was ridiculously amazing that it just made me feel happy despite the fact that I was stuck indoors all day at work. The butterflies were fluttering around me as I walked from my car to work, swear. And I have a ridiculous amount of glitter on my face… did a fairy look for work today. I actually really like glitter…! On my face. On my eyes. In my hair. Ridic.

The smallest thing can just make your day. Funny how that works out. I couldn’t have felt better.

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