I drive strictly in the fast lane.

But I have extreme patience, yet a low tolerance for stupidity.

My favorite types of movies are those very dark, disturbing and sometimes deranged movies. Though I also very much enjoy 80s movies, French romance films, and Bollywood films, too. Horror movies attract me but very rarely meet my expectations. To be completely honest I watch a lot of gay and lesbian films, too, though preferentially foreign. In fact, most foreign films just call out to me so much more over American movies. I like to be transported into other worlds, even if it is just to another country with a non-English language.

I once revived a house plant and has led me to believe that there is hope yet, for me to be a successful gardener (which will be put to the test once I own a house).

All my dreams of houses usually take place in the house I lived in for about 10 years, despite the fact that I have since lived in numerous other houses.

My weakness: shoes.

Adela, my first name, comes from the name of my two grandmothers (mother and father’s side). One was named Adelaida, and the other Adela. If I could have chosen a different variation of my first name I would have named myself Adelyn. The only reason for this is that my name is the only variation of the name that starts with the UH sound instead of AH (unless of course you say my name in Spanish, which not many do).

At the age of 21 I still do not have a “signature.” ¬†I just sign my name in cursive and kind of scribble my last name like I couldn’t care less.

I used to know how to sign my mother’s name but have since lost practice. I think the way she signs her name is very beautiful.

My younger brother and I are eerily similar. Our respective favorite band is coincidentally the same. We just kind of get each other and go through similar things at the same time. I love him immensely.

Each member of my family has one very special trait that I appreciate above all else, and distinguishes them from anyone else. The unity and closeness of my relatives makes me feel such immense joy. When I hear other people aren’t as close to their relatives it makes me really sad. Though I do understand that all families have different dynamics. But basically, I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything in the world.

Currently I am working on dissolving any and all negative emotions from my life. You can hate me all you want, but I will not respond in the same manner. I harbor no ill feelings toward anyone and don’t intend to live my life upset or holding on to any grudges.

The word “transient” is maybe one of my favorite words.

When I was younger I used to feel guilty if I had fun. The more fun I had, the worse I would feel after as though I had done something wrong. So in a small way I avoided going out with friends or being too independent. (I’m not sure that I have ever shared that before.) Sometimes I will still feel that way, but not very often and to a very low degree.

If these items are on a menu, I will assuredly order them: Breakfast – Eggs Benedict, Lunch – Tuna sandwich.

Figure skating is the only sport I will actively watch and follow.

—————- Why I compiled this list I do not know. But these are facts about myself that I wanted to capture and share. Not necessarily “aloud” but … in some slightly more permanent form than just as thoughts in my head.

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