Leaving a City Behind

Things I’m Going to Miss:

  • Calling up my friends to hang or go out to eat.
  • My co-workers at Sephora.
  • Having local haunts.
  • Following local businesses on Twitter.
  • My dentist.
  • The wide lanes on the street.
  • My house in Goleta.
  • The moody weather.
  • Coming home to housemates watching scary TV shows.
  • The unsettling quiet.
  • Random bike rides.

By no means is this list comprehensive. But, it’s all in the little things. After living in the Santa Barbara area for a little over three years, it just feels so weird to get up and leave. But I’m graduating and it’s time to reacquaint myself with Downey and the Los Angeles area.

Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  • Spending time with Giselle.
  • Spending time with Elizabeth and Vy.
  • Making fabulous jokes with my little brother and playing video games with him.
  • Learning to play the piano.
  • Seeing my family more often.
  • The liveliness of Los Angeles.

There’s so much to worry about and stress over right now. I’m FULLY aware of the fact that everything will get done. There’s no option – I mean, it just obligatorily has to get done… but the list is so long I’m feeling pretty anxious, even as I write this. What I want to do most is curl up into a ball and hold myself to reassure myself that everything is fine. Except doing that means nothing would get done, and there’s a lot to do…!!!

I have already started packing. Just books, DVDs, and magazines. Knowing how much crap I have really irks me. For a long time now I have yearned a very minimal lifestyle. Very Parisienne chic lifestyle, if you will. Anyway, what’s very frustrating is knowing that I need to pack EVERYTHING but then I also need to pack for NEW YORK. Once I’m there, everything will be all said and done though. Just from now till then… AHHHHHH.

One thought on “Leaving a City Behind

  1. Good luck with packing!! I know how you feel. I had to move out with my apartment and pack for New York back in June. It was crazy. I ended up bringing clothes to NY that I didn’t need. I think it’s best only to pack the bare minimum and just go shopping in NY! Hahaha.

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