Review: 9 1/2 Weeks


Reviewing a novel or movie comes a bit easier to me when it’s a verbal exchange in the form of a glowing recommendation. I get passionate about something I’ve just finished watching or reading and usually why I’ve so enjoyed it comes spilling forth in rapid succession that it may not even be intelligible. These reviews are going to be a new form of blog entry for me and I’m a bit scared of reviewing to be honest. I’d just hate to recommend something and then have someone dislike it after I’ve professed my undying love for it.

Enter Elocutio’s new challenge for 2011… To watch and review 52 movies in a year. For a few years now I have participated in the Watch 150 Movies in a Year challenge with great success. But this year I began my first full-time job so I’m not entirely sure how my movie-watching will be effected. Yet, the act of reviewing a movie takes infinitely more thought and time as well… But it’s time I make memorable which movies I have loved, liked, or hated because my memory is that of a fish.

In watching 150 movies every year I stumbled upon genres of movies I never would have explored were I not on a constant search for new and interesting movies to watch. So most of my reviews will likely be a little older, or in a genre away from the mainstream.


Nine and a half weeks falls under a genre I have come to love and actively seek. I frequently watch scandalous relationship/overly sexualized films that fall under one of two categories: foreign or gay films. Nine and a half weeks falls under neither of these movies but it did make it on some lists of most sexual movies. By not falling into either of those two categories this movie immediately could be hit or miss.

— to be updated further.

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