5 Piece Wardrobe

I am pretty sick of fast fashion. Trends come and go, style go out, clothes falls into a bad state – all from buying fast fashion at “cheap” prices. I have so many items of clothing it’s ridiculous and yet I still constantly have this feeling of, “I have nothing to wear” and for the most part, find myself going back to only a very select few garments that are tried and true and never fail to put an outfit together. I’d consider those select few items as my staple wardrobe items. My goal now, having established a style, coming to realize which pieces flatter me, what color palette I like, etc, I feel it’s time to buy quality pieces at a higher price (an investment), and to equalize that, buy in lesser quantity.

At the moment I just want a few things here and there (mainly shoes) so my list isn’t so concrete as of yet. The five piece wardrobe is seasonal, so that every season I am allowed another 5 quality pieces to invest in. On my mind right now:

  1. Acne Pistol boots, black
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo, suede black or black
  3. Giuseppe Zanotti glitter boots
  4. Perfect V-neck Pima Cotton Tee in grey
  5. (not sure yet)

A lot of shoes… typical of me.

3 thoughts on “5 Piece Wardrobe

  1. Quality over quantity. I am definitely starting to move towards that, except I can’t exactly afford “quality” yet, but a girl can always dream. 😀

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